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  1. Ladies I made a mistake on the colors! It's not Aruba Sea, It's Pale Green! I just found the label!
  2. Beautiful!! Looks great in your living room!
  3. Here are the colors I used! Red heart Super Saver Yarn In: White Cherry Red Baby Pink Light Raspberry Light Blue Aruba Sea Pale yellow Thanks for the compliments everyone! I really want to finish this one! And some others I have packed away unfinished!
  4. This is beautiful!! I can't believe how fast you made it!!
  5. That's adorable! Beautiful work! I love the gingham look but I know I would never be able to stick with it long enough to finish!!
  6. Wow! That's gorgeous!
  7. Very nice! It looks like alot of work! Looks super thick and cozy!
  8. Oh I love the camo yarn with added pink and white! I started one with those colors (minus the dark color) a few years back, I should dig it out and finish it! I love the pattern too!
  9. Thia is beautiful!! I wish I could stick with one of my projects long enough to make something this big!
  10. Got away from crocheting for a while but I'm getting back into it lately. I want to finish up all the unfinished blankets I have around here!! I'm sure so many of you can relate! lol So here is one of the blankets that needed to get finished! I started it way back in Jan of 2010! I LOVE these colors and want to finish it and it's been so snowy and cold here in Chicago this week that I thought it would be the perfect time to stay indoors and crochet!
  11. I was bored during the Blizzard here in Chicago Tue night so I started a couple of baby afghans with yarn that I had on hand. I get so excited about starting new patterns that I always end up starting more then one at a time! lol. Anyway HERE is the link to see them!
  12. I didn't measure it and I don't have it here with me but it's about maybe 30x30 or so.... Thanks everyone for all the nice compliments!
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