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  1. I saw a gorgeous book of ballet crafts today at the bookstore--there are crochet, knit, and sewing patterns. I remember reading someone here was working on one, but dont remember who:) If it's your's, its lovely:)
  2. I like grannies, and granny scarves...but this one is icky...I think it is the large afghanish gauge that bothers me--re-do it in a much finer gause (maybe 2" blocks) and I would probably revise my vote:)
  3. don't forget sugar and cream (and most others like it, will shrink down a bit upon washing and drying if a loose weave is used:) For me, I like to use dishcloths to test out new (or new to me!) stitches and pattern ideas...I make them about 8x8, and they sometimes turn out great (yay, proceed with project!), and sometimes not (well, they are for cleaning, so still useful!)
  4. don't forget etsy as a source of great patterns from independent designers--and most patterns are emailed pdf's--so no shipping fees, and usually quick delivery:) http://www.etsy.com
  5. I didn't see any freebies, but if you can get the candy crochet books from your local library (by candy jensen), they have similar designs:)
  6. I would suggest waiting for them to make an offer or tell you their standard, and take it from there. Many companies have a range or going rate, and if you start too low (which sadly, many of us indie designers tend to do!), you are kind of stuck... also, take into consideration what rights they are buying:)
  7. No peeking!!!!! This means you!!!! (Polly and friends are shipping out soon:) so you don't have long to wait:)
  8. Here's polly! She's just finished and in my etsy shop! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v178/shabbylinens/polly3.jpg
  9. Here is polly--she is just over 5" tall. I made her for the toy swap (no peeking, pal! She is my own original design. Her dress is removable, but I stitched her hat in place so it doesnt get lost:) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v178/shabbylinens/polly3.jpg
  10. I just tested this for a pattern of mine (I justed LB thick and quick, but wanted to offer an alternative. It took me three strands of woolease worsted to equal one strand of the thick and quick, which is a cyca#6. I would go with three to start, and check your gauge:)
  11. how about patons brilliant? I don't have any right here, but I am pretty sure it is #4 weight...
  12. congratulations, that is just wonderful!
  13. maybe it was just the colors I was trying (all autumnal dark shades). I didnt paw any of the light ones:)
  14. hmm, I am weighing the "feel" of the yarn vs I like the colors--I am also looking at red heart soft, but I dont like the colors as well. I like to plan in advance, otherise I end up staring in the yarn aisle for a weird amount of time....
  15. Is it all squeaky? I was pawing some at Michaels this morning, and it felt very "acrylick-y" to me! I like her colors, but hate yarn that squeaks. I am going back Saturday to get the yarn for an afghan gift, and I love her colors, but am hesitant...what is your opinion?
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