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  1. Thank you for posting this! DH wants me to make him a hackysack...this one would appeal to his sense of humor!
  2. Great colors! So cheerful and bright and happy! Thanks for showing us! You do nice work.
  3. I especially loved the pink and red one. Beautiful work.
  4. I'm in KC! I'm on the Missouri side, near Worlds of Fun.
  5. How very cute! How big is it?
  6. saucylady

    Doily poncho

    :digs toe in the dirt: Aww, shucks, you all are so sweet. Thanks for the compliments. I promise I'll post pics of the poncho on when it's done. I'm hoping to have it done by Tuesday. On Tuesday I start a new class and I'm not sure how much of my crochet time it will take up. Using the doily pattern wasn't really my idea, it came from discussions here, I think around the pineapple shawl that a lot of people are doing. I read all of that, and then saw this pattern and loved the stitch, and thought of doing a poncho with the pattern.
  7. I love it! I want to make one for myself...such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!
  8. saucylady

    Doily poncho

    Barbara, I'll post the pics when it's done, right now it's too short. It doesn't look right yet.
  9. Beautiful!!! You do really nice work.
  10. saucylady

    Doily poncho

    I thought I'd share my new project. I posted pictures and a description of the pattern in my blog here. It's a doily pattern from a book, and I don't know if I made enough changes to the pattern to qualify as original, so to stay on the safe side I'm not posting the pattern. I'm pretty pleased with it. I wish I could remember who here posted a remark that I read that gave me the idea to use a doily pattern for a poncho, but whoever it was, thank you, it's a great idea! Edited to link to the specific blog post, not the blog in general.
  11. I did some of those too!!! I did two shades of pink on pink flip flops for DD (I call them pepto-bismol flip flops), a bright fuscia pink and a turquoise blue on blue flip flops (the fur reads as purple), and lime green and turquoise blue on lime green flip flops. Great job! They're fun to do and work up very quickly, don't they?
  12. Thanks for posting this...I'm looking forward to trying it!
  13. Thanks for the welcome! I've lurked in lots of the other boards...this looks like a great place to spend time and get inspiration and lots more WIPS!! I'm glad to be here!
  14. Good day all; I just joined this forum and thought I'd jump right in...the water seems fine. I'm 41 years old, just graduated from college with a bachelors degree in business. I'm going back in a month or so to start grad school, working on my MBA. I am married to the greatest guy on the planet, who puts up with my obsessions, including crochet. I have three kids, two of whom are out on their own already. My youngest is about to be 13. While I'm in school, I often don't spend much time crocheting, but now with a lot of free time on my hands again, I'm going great guns. Nice to be here...looking forward to making friends!
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