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  1. She is absolutely stunning! Wow! Darski, you are amazing. Do you want to design a wardrobe for me????
  2. Oh, how pretty! Great job on this and all your doll clothes.
  3. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent of designing doll clothes with us.
  4. I like this outfit a lot. Your color choices and placement are perfect. So patriotic.
  5. This is an adorable play outfit, green or otherwise.
  6. Now that is just too darn cute! Great job, Darski.
  7. It is so good to see another outfit for Dora...she was beginning to run out of things to wear. This is an adorable outfit. Anything with red is my new favorite at this time. By the way, Darski, have you seen the Dora outfits that have been posted on the Misc. crochet Show and Tell thread? There are some adorable outfits there.
  8. I crochet with both the steak-knife and the pencil grip. Mainly I use the steak-knife grip and generally do not have any pain issues unless I have been crocheting for hours or doing multiple Fpdc & Bpdc's. When I use the pencil grip, I find that my last two fingers get tired vs. painful after a short amount of time. I like to switch back and forth so I don't always use the same motion.
  9. How cute is that? I'll bet that there are a lot of little ones who have graduated from preschool and kindergarten that would love that outfit. Who knows you might even find some big kids that would love it too. Your designs are fabulous as always.
  10. Oh, my! I just love that color. How adorable are those pants? Another fantastic outfit!
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