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    Recently widowed 4-18-07 with 5 children & 3 grand babygirls 6-15-07 was our 21st Anniversary.
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    Colorado Springs, Co
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    Crocheting,Photography,Poetry,learning to knit, Embroidery, cross stitch, web animation & graphics,
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    Mother of 5 and 3 grand daughters & 1st Grand son due in July
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    Babylayettes,Dresses,Blankets,Afghans,Dolls & Doll clothes,Fridgies, I'm making dresses for my 3 grand daughters & 3rd grand daughter is due May 22 & grand son is due July 31, 07. Sharing my happiness
  • Crocheting since...
    Since August 1988 after I had my third child
  1. I think your outfits for Dora are so adorable and my grand daughter Trinity loves Dora and boots. Trinity has a Dora table & chairs that she sits in while watching the show also I had to record her some dvds when it's night time for her to watch it. She watches Dora every day so I decided that I needed to make clothes for her doll. I will love making them for her almost as much as she will love to dress her Dora in these pretty outfits you designed. Thank you so much for sharing your talent Lynne
  2. Thank you for sharing. I only made one doll dress years ago but I am starting to make a few for my grand daughters now that they are older but I love to make baby & toddler dresses. Lynne
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