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    I am an Ob nurse Have 3 adult kids.3 greyhnounds and 2 cats. Started crocheting this past Jan 2005,
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    New Jersey
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    crcoheting, gardening
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    5 mos.
  1. Hi, I live in south Jersey, Turnersville:cheer
  2. That is it!!! Thank you sooo much. This will mean the world to my kids. God Bless you. Deb
  3. Saw angel somewhere with tie, seeking pattern for my children to use their dads tie, he passed away. All of you are greyt, I read post when I can Thanks Deb
  4. Its beautiful!! Great work. I wish I knew how to read a graph pattern!
  5. I'm here in Gloucester County too! Hi:cheer
  6. My mom makes dishcloths and also uses Peaches and Cream. I love making doiles with DMC thread, it does not split. I've learned, from others of course, to pay attention to the thread not the hook. I usually work with a size 7 steel hook. Deb
  7. beautiful job, I love the stitch! Is it hard to do. I've been crocheting less than a year.
  8. Deneen, I live about half hour from you. more with traffic LOL I live in Turnersville Deb a south Jersey crochet girl
  9. Amie that is adorable if I knew how to use my computer I would love to get your permission to use it LOL Deb in the south of Jersey
  10. Me too a Jersey girl Gloucester County, a big hi to my neighbor! Deb
  11. They are beautiful. Thats my goal to do thread crochet. I keep practicing with 10 bedspread thread and a size 7 hook. I want to do a bookmark first, than a Bible cover for my mom,. OK I do not post but read often and have learned so much from a greyt group!
  12. Thanks for the welcome looked at your work beautiful Haven't been able to knit, can't get the hang of holding 2 needles LOL Love crochet, your kids are adorable! Mine are grown, but 2 boys are still KIds.
  13. Goodmorninmg, found this site while reading a crochet page at HGTV. I am so excited. Have not had a chance to read the many post I want to yet. Let me intro myself. I just started crochet this past Jan. I am self taught from a beginner book and web sites. About 6 weeks into learning attend. a class at ACMoore, very helpful. Reason to pick up crochet, to help me RELAX LOL And we were driving from Jersey to Florida in March and did I ever crochet my DM his own afghan. I have 3 adult kids. 2 DS and my DD who was just married. I am an OB nurse, which is why I am up so early. I have 3 rescue greyhounds and 2 cats. Again I am so glad I have found all of you!!! I know I will learn so much! Have a greyt day!
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