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    I have 'dangerous' in the username , because after all these years I am still learning some basics
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    Central Pa
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    crochet/knitting, Reading, Baking/Cooking, making envelopes
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    baby things and small projects.
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    off and on 20 years, started knitting 1 year ago
  1. I am interested in the Needles. looks like they are all DPN's correct? Paypal ok? Beth
  2. Haha, you beat me to the question......That was the first thing that came to my mind also, why have one....when the lonely yarn could use love for all. rofl
  3. Wow that is so pretty, do you have it listed in your Ravelry page yet? I am asking because I wanted to know it's finished size and also what yarn you used and needle size. ( I know, I am not asking much am I ?) Beth
  4. I am betting if it was offered for $8.00 - 10.00 it would be snapped up. ( That is what I would pay around here ) I know it is low, but that is what the local lady sells her 'used' yarn for. 1.00 if it has a label, .50 if not or if some is used or even rewound.
  5. It is very pretty. You did a great job!!! I love mindless knitting at night in front of the TV. ;-)
  6. Knitpicks!!!! I have mostly nickle ones, but I recently finished a pair of gloves for my dad with the harmony ones and I loved them too!!!
  7. Dangerouscrochet

    I won!

    Fantastic!!!! Enjoy finding just the right thing to splurge it on!!!!!
  8. thankyou for letting me know what is going on. I will now go celebrate the fact that I indeed am not on `the naughty list`:-]
  9. Well, I get the notices that someone has posted in the pay it forward thread...........however, when I try to click on th elink, I get the dredded Vbulletin message saying I am not ALLOWED to view the thread. Which is VERY strange, since I could view it before:think I have emailed the 'contact us' area, but I t bothers me enough to post it here in its own thread.........and I want to know if anyone else is having this trouble. Thanks all, Beth:yarn
  10. Isn't it the BEST when they actually LOVE what we have made for them????? WTG!!! You get the mom of Week!! ( I myself, will have a way to go to get that honor. DS has been pestering me for 1.5 years for a Steelers Pillow. I am finally working on it now hahaha)
  11. If you like them all the same color and it is your favorite, well by all means then buy them!!! LOL. I have all different colors and types of needles, and I still forget to change to the proper size at times. No fault of the needles, just my zeal to be knitting and making progress. As a result of this, I have become very proficient at tinking. LOL
  12. I have a few skeins, but none of them match lol. Would need to know what colorway you are looking for.
  13. Very Beautiful!!! Thank you for posting the pic so we could see!!
  14. I love it. Unfortunatly, I never go anywhere to have a need for something so beautiful.... but on an upside, I can still enjoy looking at other peoples work.
  15. I started a cardigan from a 1979 pattern for my daughter, who wears a size 8......So I cast on and did about 2 inches of it ( It is top down and decided that it just looked a little bit small. Well, evidently back in the 70's the sizes were smaller ( and I do remember hearing that before so I should have made sure) I HAD been working on a size 10, but Last night I frogged it and will re-start today in a size 12. I have started it in Casron SS inlight pink, but I sure got a horrible skein of yarn, right away there are 2 places where it was retied together, and further along there are parts where hte yarn is splitting terribly.....That will have to get cut out too.
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