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    I have 'dangerous' in the username , because after all these years I am still learning some basics
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    Central Pa
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    crochet/knitting, Reading, Baking/Cooking, making envelopes
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    baby things and small projects.
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    off and on 20 years, started knitting 1 year ago
  1. LOL Funny how small the world really is. I am in Mount Carmel. Tiff: We have a group that meets every Tues and Thurs in the library (2-4pm) We crochet/knit and talk about patterns and all kinds of things.... You are more than welcome to come!!! I recently heard that there is something very similiar in Ashland at their library....you might want to check, I think it is the very same time /day as Mt. Carmel's Melody: Pottsville!!!........ I have been wanting to visit Grateful Threads there. Have you visited it yet????? Happy old Cro: Ringtown, I go there almost every
  2. Wow Sue....You have been BUSY!!! They are simply beautiful. Great work!!
  3. Caron Simply Soft is wonderful. The more you wash it, the softer it becomes!!!! Truly a 'snuggle' type of afghan!!!
  4. Mel, I LOVE IT!! I think the fact that you edged it in the varigated is a SUPER idea!!!! You know, I saw this yarn in another project and thought YUCK!! DOUBLE YUCK!!!. But I really really like it in the round ripple.....
  5. Heather..... Those colors look great! I am guessing Caron SS. You have a lucky kitty.
  6. Oh Mel, That is very pretty!!!! Well worth the time spent looking for the correct sequence. :clap
  7. Love your edging/trim. It looks SO nice!! And the colors and sequence are very pleasent to look at. I really like the single rows you put in there.
  8. I am at least 2 hours east of you all, but be sure to let me know how it goes!
  9. What about white?? Bright purple came to mind first, but white might be easier to find.
  10. http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t25/Dangerouscrochet/Crochetprojects033.jpg Well, Here it is. I didn't do as many rows as the directions stated. In fact I think I stopped at 35. But the finished width is 51" and that is plenty for a lapghan. I am pleased with it, but must confess.......I spent almost as much time froggin and re-do ing as I did crocheting. I found it quite a bit frustrating. But Alas, I am done. I hope mom loves it.
  11. Lady, it is not in this thread. I am going to look for it now. nevermind, SouthernJudy found it.
  12. Well, I warned you about the Mil RR. It def. has RIPPLES LOL. I am MUCH more pleased with the one for my mom.
  13. HOLY SMOKES!!! :eek Don't drink the water!!!! :eek
  14. Nope LOL, Never thought of it to be honest with you. I have bookmarked it in the favorites, so that should help. I love your RR. It is frustrating to frog, but it really is work the re-do when you see it finished. Now,to get my dd in Jammies and have her take some pics LOL:yarn
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