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  1. I love the straight ripple. your yellow ripple is very pretty. thanks for posting.
  2. ab-so-lute-ly beau-ti-ful!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I would say I am an advanced beginner and learning more every day.
  4. It's just me. A former co worker taught me how to make a granny square about a year ago and I learned the rest on my own. She only wanted me to learn what she wanted me to learn when she wanted me to learn it. She wouldn't teach me to read patterns or to learn any other stitches just the DC and chain. When she saw how I was progressing on my own she quit wanting to meet on lunch breaks to crochet. She was very critical of my work and if I asked her for help she would unravel my work and say she had to take it home with her to work it out then tell me how to do it. Well that left me with nothing until she was ready to bring it back to me. I did not like the way things were going so I did my own thing. Before I stopped asking her for assistance, she would set up dates to meet me to crochet and then stand me up. She seemed to be such a nice lady too. Very sweet and soft spoken. I just started to find help in books and the internet. I have learned so much on my own and here at Crochetville. So I guess I am better off without her. I like being on my own.
  5. The items I started but could not or did not complete for whatever reason (usually my lack of experience or patience) I frogged and used the yarn for some other item that I completed.
  6. Both are lovely. I'm sure they will be loved.
  7. I guess that would make me the abnormal one! I only like to work on one project at a time. I tried to work on 2 projects at once and I ended up finishing one then the other before I started a new project.
  8. Just over a year I think. I did it for a few months got frustrated and quit then resumed a few months later. So I consider myself a "newbie".
  9. What a pretty blanket. It looks very soft and snuggly.
  10. Thanks for posting the links Julexia. I may want to try my hand at the round ripple after I have completed the straight ripple I started yesterday.
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