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  1. Just beautiful! You must be so proud of yourself! This inspires me to go dig out the thread......
  2. Do you think it would also help to cut down the cardboard base a little? Right now, it's 12" diameter, per the pattern instructions. Would it help to cut down the base to 11.5" or 11" diameter? TIA!
  3. Congrats on becoming a new grandma! I like to do a reverse sc on my round ripples. To me, it gives it a nice "clean" finish, especially if you just want a thin stripe of a single color all around the edge. Can't wait to see the pics!
  4. Mine was the world's LONGEST red chain. My grandmother used to babysit me when I was little, and she taught me how to crochet to keep me entertained. Red was my favorite color, so she bought me a ball of yarn and a hook and I turned that entire skein of yarn into a chain!
  5. I'm making my first bed doll, Miss March 1991 from the Annie's Attic Antebellum Collection. Picture found here: http://www.anniesattic.com/crochet/detail.html?prod_id=78045&cat_id=1116 I've made the underskirt/frame, and the dress, exactly according to the directions. My gauge is correct, and I've double checked my thread size, hook size, etc. But when I put Barbie in the underskirt/frame and the dress, the dress does not fit all the way down the base of the underskirt. There is about a 1/2 inch to an inch of underskirt showing all the way around. I took out some of the stuffing from the underskirt, and that seemed to help. But with the underskirt only partially filled and not "streteched" all the way out, there are lumps and bumps of stuffing all over the place that make Barbie look awfully deformed. I am trying with a hook to distribute the stuffing as easily as possible, but is there an easier way? Has anyone else had this problem? Do I need to take even more stuffing out of the underskirt until Barbie's dress hits the floor? What is the best way to distribute the stuffing in the underskirt so there are no lumps? Have I screwed up somehow? I've been working on this project forever, and I was so excited about making this gorgeous doll. Now I'm very disappointed because I can't seem to make the end results look the way they should. TIA everyone!
  6. Thanks everybody for the great suggestions! I am going to block my piece tonight and try to find some heavy scrapbooking paper I can use for a mat. My hubby is an engineer and a meticulous detail person, so I'm going to get him to help me sew the doily to the mat once I'm done blocking. Going to the craft store on my way home tonight for a mat and some transparent thread. You guys make everything sound so easy! I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm all finished. Thank you again!
  7. I made a filet crochet doily with my last name crocheted into it and my husband wants to frame it and hang it on a wall. I've never done anything like that before, so I'm not sure where to start. Also, I'm on a budget and don't have a ton of money to throw at a framing project, which is why I'm asking for help here. It's about a foot long and about 6-7" high. I took it to Hobby Lobby and they, of course, tried to "up-sell" me and quoted me an outrageous price to get it done "correctly." Their version of doing it "correctly" is to poke holes in an acid-free mat (preferably the more expensive suede, of course, so the color doesn't bleed) and sew the doily to the mat with clear fishing line. Which THEY can do for me, for an even higher price. In addition to the more expensive mat, expensive sewing process, etc., I also apparently need to get UV protected glass so that any light hitting the doily/mat won't fade it over time. The framing department sales guy was actually quite good (i.e. persuasive) at his job. He appealed to my crocheting pride and told me "Don't you want to do this the right way so that your grandchildren will have it for years into the future??????" PS- I'm 29, and don't even have any kids, so grandchildren aren't exactly a consideration at this point. Long story short- I'm basically looking for a way to mount this thing to a mat and frame it so that it lasts, looks pretty, won't damage the doily, and won't cost me the approx. $75 that this project will cost if I hand it over to HL for their "framing expertise." Can I mount it to a mat with rubber cement? Double-sided tape? Is the sewing method really the best way to mount it? Also, will the color of a mat bleed into my thread over time? This thing will not be in direct sunlight at any time, so do I really need anti-UV glass? I'd appreciate any help from someone who's done this before! If I have to bite the bullet and what HL is telling me really is the "correct" way, then I might spend the money, but I KNOW the talented ladies on here will have a better method. Thanks!
  8. Yes, that was the first place I looked.
  9. I have moved twice this year and have misplaced a pattern that I started, but am now unable to finish. It is a free pattern I found online for a Barbie southern belle dress, with a fitted bodice and an underskirt and overskirt. I think the pattern also had instructions for a snood. The original picture on the pattern was black/white, but I think the pattern stated that the original dress had been done in some shade of purple, and the dress had a white lace overlay that only went about halfway down the dress, with the bottom of the skirt done only in the darker color underskirt. I remember when I went searching for the pattern, every other website I searched, including CPC, had a link to this dress. It kept popping up EVERYWHERE! And of course now, when I need it, I can't find it! I know I've given woefully little info to go by, but if someone printed or downloaded this pattern and wouldn't mind passing it along, I would appreciate it so much! I know it was a free pattern and not one I purchased someplace. Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Mommy2Max


    You could also sew a ribbon to each side and create a tie closure.... like with a jewelry roll.
  11. TampaDoll, thank you SO much for this link! I think that if I make the "crinoline w/panties" for under the dress, it will work perfectly. I can't wait to make Barbie look like Scarlett O'Hara! Thank you again!
  12. Help me look under Barbie's skirt! I have decided to tackle a Barbie "southern belle" dress and I found a pattern I love, but I can't seem to find basic information on how to actually finish a large skirt like this. Obviously, there is something underneath the dress that makes the "hoop".... the patterns I've looked at have mentioned everything from a "pillow form" to a crinoline to a whole other skirt I need to make with a zillion ruffles and layers. I don't necessarily want a 2 foot long bed doll skirt, but I DO want Barbie's dress to be nice and full. Can anyone please help me figure out what's going on under there? Thanks for the help! I'm not a frequent poster, but I sure do lurk here a lot!
  13. Thanks Sheree, I will be on the lookout for it. ARE THERE ANY OTHER DONORS OUT THERE, OR IS THERE ANYONE WHOSE NAME HAS NOT BEEN ADDED TO MY LIST IN POST #1???? If I have received everyone's yarn, I will be shipping all of this out once I receive Sheree's box. PLEASE let me know if you still haven't shipped your yarn, or if your name isn't on the list of donors. Thanks very much!!!!
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