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  1. Hi, I just PM'd you. I have a lot to send. Let me know. SR
  2. I saw a lot of 9 and a single issue on ebay today.
  3. Thank you to my FGM from California!! I received a big box of cross-stitching supplies today and I just love everything! You are so generous to send all those magazines, kits, thread and fabric. They will be put to good use for sure! Thank you also for your note. It's on such pretty paper and added a really personal touch to the whole package. I am so excited to start looking through all the patterns and magazines! I hope your kindness is repaid ten fold! Here is a photo of everything in the box. It filled an entire table! (clickable)
  4. Thank you to my FGM from Texas!! I got 4 bags of Skittles, and was I surprised! I was on the phone with my sister, waiting for my dog to be done with her outside business, when I decided to check the mail. There was a box in my mailbox, and I said to my sister, "I don't know what this is. Did I order something? Whatever it is, feels like it's broken in a million pieces!" LOL I turned over the box, and there was a note saying it was from a FGM. I just about fell over, because this is the first RAOK I've gotten in the mail. I couldn't open the box fast enough once I got a corner opened and saw the red wrappers! Thank you so much! You really made my day!!
  5. Just to clarify about the liquid, fragile or perishable items that the PO asks about. I don't think it's because you can't send them (talking just about within the US). They just need to know about it so it can be labeled as such. I heard that it's so they're not responsible if something happens with it. If it's labeled, they've covered their tracks, since it shows they asked. Here's what I found on the USPS.com site in this pdf file: “If you are mailing an item that contains anything fragile without proper packaging, or is liquid, perishable, or potentially hazardous, it must be presented to a USPS employee for acceptance.” If anyone works for the USPS and knows more, please clarify. How many times has something gotten mailed with a Fragile sticker on it, or a food/drugstore item ordered from a website? It seems to me that as long as they've asked, it's the sender's fault if something breaks or rots, in their point of view. A friend of mine once got a whole coconut that was mailed! I once got an ebay item mailed in a fish stick box, and it wasn't covered in plain paper, either, and had been mailed from the post office, the postage label just slapped onto the side of the box. Anyway, just my two cents. I had been thinking about this very thing lately (those of us who mail things often know the words by heart by now).
  6. Wiw, that came out really nice!
  7. For me, a scrap is any portion of a full skein that's left over, even down to a 12" piece. I don't always use them, but even the smallest piece can be used, especially on stuffed animals. I do like that idea Shell had of tying small scraps together to crochet into an afghan.
  8. My aunt taught me to crochet. I recently found out that my grandmother used to crochet when she was young in Poland, so I guess it goes back at least to her. I'm not sure about her mother. Now that the question's been asked, I've got to find out!
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