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  1. Ooh I do! I get great amigurumi books from the bookstore here at Uwajimaya in Seattle. Luckily I live close enough to walk over, though I know they're a million times cheaper in Japan. *sigh* someday eh...
  2. Yay everyone! No one has flipped out and bought a million billion skeins! (That I noticed. o_O) I've got +2 from a bolero I'm working on, and +1 more for finishing off a ball on my ugly ghan. Way to go! (Hopefully be positive points by the end of the week. >_> )
  3. zomg! This is such a great idea. I should play a really bad game of Tetris so I can screenshot it. (Not so hard, I would think.) I'd love to join this once I get some of my WIPs done, great idea!!
  4. Hi Ann, another welcome from Seattle.
  5. Mrs CrochetPants: that stash is lovely!! It's cool that it is so organized. I try to keep mine like that, but I don't know if I would do as good a job with that much. Good job!! As for my stashbusting.. not so good. I bought 4 skeins of yarn. *tear!* I'm almost all the way through one skein though, and the rest is for my first ever sweater! I also finished off a hat, so +1pt, and another one should be coming when I add it to my ugly-ghan. Phew.
  6. Well my score for the week is 17, woohoo! The most it's ever been. Sunday I'm going yarn shopping though, so I'll hafta dig myself out of a hole, but I think I can manage. Someday, I will get another drawer cleaned out...
  7. I just learned to spin last week, using a CD spindle, and it's not hard at all. I recommend trying it first, before getting a wheel. (Haven't tried that yet, maybe someday...)
  8. Well two more points for me.. sadly, I think this is the most points I'm going to get in a long time. Bizzy thanks for posting your stash, I think you can go through a lot of it soon! My stash is kinda pitiful compared to a lot of people's... but I want more!! *sweat* I should take a picture so everyone can have a good laugh.
  9. Phew I haven't been here in too long! I have been stash busting, but it was slow going for awhile. I spent a week learning to spin! Yesterday I was home sick from work, and used the oportunity to do some major bustin'. +13 pts on a scrap ghan alone! I'd been saving up a lot of small balls, so this was great for my point total. Also, plus another 2 for various projects leading up to this week. I re-organized my yarn storage, and went from 4 jam packed drawers to 3 loosely packed ones. Yay!!!!
  10. Ooh I'm glad to hear that it sounds like fun! I'm a bit iffy on crowds, but it may be worth it to get me somma them yarns!
  11. Whoa Lindsay, that is so cool I've dyed with KoolAid, but wondered how I could get more natural colors. I may have to give that a try. Do you have any guides/advice for how to do it? Thanks!!
  12. Yay I finished that skein for the SWS hat finally!! So back into the positive for me. I've got a skein of SS nearly to the halfway point, so almost one more point.. yay! I'm not sure what I'll do next... hmm.
  13. Nooo I bought some yarn today. Hehe it was planned at least, so I guess that's not too bad. I bought one skein of a beauuutiful baby alpaca, yay! I need to finish my boyfriend's hat, and then I should hopefully get more points. As for now, minus two *tear*
  14. ahh so cute!! I collect hippos, so this is definitely going on my "to do" list. Good job and thank you!!
  15. Becca that rug is really cute! I like the multi-colorfulness. As for me, I'm just plugging away.. had to frog a bunch cause it was too big! Noooo... Well this skein will die easily, and then--- I don't know what I'll do! Hahaha.
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