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  1. Thank to all for all the welcomes! This certainly looks like a very friendly group of people! Have a wonderful day!
  2. What year? It was still MVNC when I was there.
  3. Yes...I am in the heart of Amish Country!
  4. Hi! I lived in Mount Vernon for close to 14 years. I grew up in Holmes County...went to college at MVNU...stayed there...moved back here in Aug 2003.
  5. Hi! I am new here and pretty new to crocheting. Well...I learned to crochet 15 years ago, but I only learned one stitch, and I have never completed anything. I started knitting about a year ago, and I really want to learn more about crocheting, too! Forgot the basics! I am Becky...live near Millersburg, OH. Mom to two children...a daughter age 10 and a son age 9. Glad I came here!
  6. Hi! I am a new crocheter, and I live near Millersburg.
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