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  1. Finished Project :cheer2 :cheer2 Our Princess Sydney :)h Now for Madison and Dora the Explorer
  2. The Gatsby Dolls are from the Paradise Doll collection. Web site I had joined their pattern of the month club and accumulated a lot of the Doll Patterns. I finely stopped because I was sending back more and more of their monthly selections. Because of the unique accessories I find it easer to get the Kits if they don’t exceed my cost level which is around $50 www.paradisedolls.com/p088.html www.paradisedolls.com/p093.html The table covers come from a pattern book by Annie's Attic Holiday Table Toppers www.anniesattic.com/detai...od_id=6580
  3. Beautiful lapghan. Love the color.
  4. Thank you all so much for liking the St. Paddie's Day table. As to where I keep my dolls. I have four sets of 5 tier shelves. three in my room with my books and desk and one in the spare bedroom. I can do this as I have no pets and no kids at home. You should see the scramble when we know the grandchildren are coming down. Since retiring I have lots of time to do anything I want. Now alls I have to figure out is how to crochet while on the treadmill and stationary bike. lol
  5. Every month I decorate my dining room table with a theme of the month using some of the things I have made. It gives me inspiration to make more stuff which I don’t need. It also gives me a chance to play with my dolls which rekindles the little girl in me. Aren’t we lucky we have a hobby that blesses us this way ? Happy St. Paddies Day (clickable)
  6. Just love the poncho's. The little modeling are just beautiful.
  7. almost finished edging next below is on queen size bed
  8. Hi Elizabeth Welcome to the group. :grouphug Lots of neat stuff here.
  9. Hi, Welcome to Crochetville. Lot's of good stuff and nice people here. :grouphug
  10. What a beautiful doily. I like the colors. I know what you mean about keeping it. That is why I have so many of the dolls that I make. I start out making them for birthday gifts and such, but by the time I am done, I want to keep it.
  11. Thank you threeolivemartini for the info on the subject. New to this type of forums. Rebeccav- I would be more than willing to answer any questions anyone has on how to work with charts. :computer Patience is easy when it is only you and the hubby home all day. Both retired with Children and Grandchildren up north. I don't know if you would call if patience or impatience. I can't wait to see it done.
  12. Here's an idea that might help with the tension. fish the thread through a ring you do not wear, then put then ring on you left hand. (If you hold your thread in the left, if not put on other hand) This can help with your tension somewhat. If you crochet tight, wear a lose ring. If you are finding you crochet lose, put on a tighter ring. This helps until you get use to working with thread .
  13. When I’m doing a thread project, I borrow my paper towel holder. My husband inevitably asks. “Where is the paper towel holder, he hasn’t caught on yet. The other thread that was mentioned has some good ideas you can use. I have ofter thought of getting the banana holder, but couldn't figure out how to fix it to hold my thread. Why pay big bucks for something you can find in your kitchen. :danc
  14. Hi I’m John Tampa Dolls (Mary Jo’s) husband (chief picture taker) Sometimes I walk into the room and see this. :)h I swear even though I know she is taking a nap I sometimes still see her crocheting. Now I think this is humorous but I may be in trouble, but she always forgives me. :irked I’ll take a more active moment Sunday and she can post her project progress. I know she will say she was just giving the blanket a test drive. :time
  15. We have Michael's Joann's:U and Walmart None have a good selection of color's or types. Have to buy over the Internet. (Herrishner's, Mary Maxims) Sometimes if I feel like traveling, I go to Ben Franklin's. I sure miss Lee Ward's.
  16. My Disney Princess afghan is not from a book. I made it up. I basically used a regular afghan pattern and the charts for the Princesses are from a counted cross stitch book. I got the counted cross stitch book at Michaels. It's a Leisure Arts book Disney Home, Princess Collection. My one granddaughter likes the Disney Princesses and since there is no pattern, I had to make one up. :th
  17. Beautiful. Wasn't it fun. I have the same book and made the same doily. I have been trying to get back to making some more. No time. It always helps when someone likes it enough to want to take it home. Have you seen the book for crocheting with rick rack? I hope to try that soon. The doilies there look beautiful also. :woohoo
  18. Beautiful case. Love the color and the beaded flower. :yay2 Congrats on learning to read a pattern. Here is a tip to help you with your pattern reading. When you come to a part that is or seems difficult, :th take pen and paper and write down the row. It takes a while if you have a lot of stitches, but it sure helps. Sometimes you have to see it all in order to make it clear. :ideanot Good luck and keep up the fun.
  19. Here is a sneak peek of my progress. I’m about one third through not counting the detailing and what ever edging I am going to do. I will post a more detail picture progress on the (My New Project) thread when I get about half way done.
  20. Hi Kimberly, Welcome to Crochetville.
  21. :yay2 Hi Glad to have another crocheter in the group. Always room for one more.
  22. :cheer2 :cheer2 :cheer2 Hi, Welcome to Crochetville. Working with beads is fun.
  23. :yay2 :yay2 :yay2 Hi Wendy Glad you could join us. I too am new and finding a lot of nice people here.
  24. I am using a single crochet in the afghan. I find it easier when I have to change colors a lot. Caught me on that one. Yes it is the pattern Annie's Attic use to carry. It is by Paradise Patterns. It is easier than it looks. :h-val
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