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  1. Love it. The eyes are really neat. Just love the frog.
  2. Hi Donna, Well, let me see if I can help you. I have made several afghans with graphs. Now I use sc for each block. Some people like to use the afghan stitch, but this has to do with what you are more comfortable with. The best I found is to work your graph from left to right. Odd rows being on the left side(1,3,7,9), and even on the right (2,4,6,8,10). Each block represents a stitch. Also, make sure you have plenty of bobbins for changing colors. Now I always make 2 copies of the graph. One I cross off each row as I go along, so that I know where I have finished. The other is just for reference, so you can see what it is suppose to look like. I hope I have helped you and feel free to pm if you need any help. I will do what I can.
  3. Hi:waving and welcome from Florida. Grew up in New Jersey. Moved here from Bellmawr, NJ via Freehold.
  4. Yeah that is for a new Glad air freshner. They are trying to say that you do not have to make covers for your air freshner any more. Their new one is pretty. Well, when I saw it on USA and TNT I just kept saying NOT FUNNY. First off, we like to make air freshner covers. Second I agree, we should find out who these people are and send them pictures of crocheters. After all we are from age 8 and up. What I find funny, is that they only show it on obscure channels, not the big stations (ABC, CBS, NBC, or FOX). Oh well, I guess if you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh:lol at.
  5. Believe it or not, so people do not appreciate {quote} handmade things {unquote}. They do not understand that something handmade is worth more than something with a designer label. I am not taking her side, as I too would of snatched the blankets out of her hands. Unfortunately, this is what we have to put up with. I would talk to your friend, and explain to him, that is they did not want or like the blankets, you will donate them in the baby's name to a charity and leave it at that.
  6. Have you seen this one? I found it in Crochet Pattern Central. http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/afghans.php This is one pattern and there are others. :flake http://www.artoftangle.com/snowflake.htm Hope this helps.
  7. Native American “Golden Fawn†I made this with some of the dollar yarn from Target. She will go on my November Table with the other Native American and Pilgrim Dolls that represent sharing and gratitude for Thanksgiving Day.
  8. How about starching it and hanging it on the Christmas tree? It sure looks like something you would find there. Very pretty.
  9. I agree with Beth. You should preserve those snippets in a shadow box or behind glass in a frame. These are things that belonged to your great grandmother and should be preserved for future generations. So much is lost now a days it would be a shame to lose them.
  10. Hi Ann and welcome from the Sunny:sun State of Florida. Transplanted from exit 3 of the Jersey Turnpike.
  11. Well, I really can't give you the pattern, but the link below will take you to the book I used. It is from Annie's Attic called Mini Broom Dolls and magnets. http://www.anniesattic.com/detail.html?prod_id=16497 This is the second one I made from this book. They are lots of fun to make and easy. Thanks for liking the doll and yes John is a keeper. He makes me laugh.
  12. Miss 2005 Harvest Scarecrow If you look quickly in the first far shot you can see me coming down the hall to the computer room, because I heard some talking coming from the DH and what was he doing ? …. talking to the Miss Harvest Scarecrows saying “smile hold it… good:photo , now bigger smile hold it… good, now close up smile hold it…. goodâ€
  13. Hi and welcome:welcome from Central Florida.
  14. Hi:waving Beth and welcome:welcome from the Sunny and Warm:hot State of Florida.
  15. This site will take you to a picture of the Florida Seminole logo. It is a car magnet. Now, if you click on it, you will get a bigger picture. Hopefully, you can print this or e-mail it and then you can put it to a graph. http://www.fansedge.com/ProductDetail.aspx?pfid=35-39283 Hope this helps.
  16. Couldn't you just use the basic doll pattern for the precious moments dolls and adapt the outfit for the boy in the suit to the AF suit? I only see a problem with the hat. http://www.leisurecrafts.com/catalog/crochet/dolls.html Here is the pattern and the top one has a boy in a suit. The boy doll in the back of the picture is the one I mean. The dolls are made, then you dress them and put the hair on.
  17. Hi Tara and welcome. As you can see, I am also in Central Florida. Glad you are enjoying the forum.
  18. Tampa Doll

    Snow Poncho

    Glad you like the poncho. It is from the Bernat pattern book Urban Flair. It is on the cover and it is called Cowl Poncho. Book no #530125 They suggest Bernat Soft Boucle and Bernat Boa. I used Red Heart Plush. It is a very soft yarn. I also used the Bernat Boa, both in white. It is very easy to make and takes no time at all. Thank you all again, It has been a long time since I made something other than a doll.
  19. Tampa Doll

    Snow Poncho

    Well I can make stuff for bigger Dolls Tampa Doll models for big girls. But too hot for Florida I need to send this north to some deserving relative that doesn’t know its coming and hasn’t asked for me to make them something. It’s going to be a difficult choice.
  20. I know what you mean. I have trouble finding things is certain stores. I hate to say this, as we have some Michael workers here, but in the one near me, I have trouble finding yarn. Yes I did say yarn. They have one aisle of yarn and it is mostly specality yarns. Fun Fur, eyelash, baby yarn and bulky. Come on, they are a craft store. We crocheters deserve more than one aisle of yarn. Granted it is both sides of the aisle, but only one????? Their thread is also a joke. I am down to almost buying everything on line. I would give my left, (need my right:) ) arm for a good and I mean a good yarn shop with everything in it. Yarn, hooks, needles, thread and anything else a knitter or crocheter needs. Oh what a dream.
  21. Hi Linda, Welcome to Crochetville, from the Sunny State of Florida. As for ideas:idea, you have come to the right spot. There isn't much that's not made or created here. Lots of talented people on this forum. We always welcome a new one. Can't wait to see your pictures.
  22. Hi Spudnut and welcome from the Sunny State of Florida. You are going to have a good time here. We have so much going on and Questions? You have questions? We even have a place for that. There is always someone here looking for someone to test their pattern. This is a good group. Glad to help and lots of fun. Just look around and I am sure you will in no time feel right at home.
  23. :hiand :welcomefrom the State of Florida.
  24. Ok put the hook down and step away. Now That I have your attention, get a cup of coffee, tea, soda or whatever you drink, sit back, put your feet up and relax. When this happens, I grab a good book and read for a while. Before you know it you are looking at the crochet and saying, maybe just one square. Then after that, you go back to reading and whamo, you are back to the squares. Smaller projects do help, but walking away sometimes helps more, especially if you have a good book to occupy you.
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