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  1. I have gotten several phone calls saying they were from the Amazon Security dept. One was I was being charged aobut $20 in Texas, another was $50 dollars from California, I just got another that I was being charged $1,000 for an apple IPhone. I immediately called Amazon. They had no such charges to my accoutnt and they told me they never call on the phone. They also told me that there are e-mails going out that were not from Amazon. If I got any e-mails or phone calls, I was to send them to the security dept on the web site. I checked one phone number that came in and it was listed as the Car wash down the street. You have to be very careful with these e-mails and phone calls you get. We changed out pass word and have not gotten one since. These people have a way of piggybacking on phones and e-mails.
  2. I agree with Baily4. One thing you can do is after you do the first DC in the chain, put a marker on the chain before it. This will be your turning chain.
  3. The same stitch means. The next stitch you are to use put ch3, 2dc, 3tr, 2dc, ch3, so st in that t stitch. You will be adding 12 stitches in one stitch. Just and example you have 3 stitches. sc in first stitch in the next stitch you will add what is in parentheses and then sc in the next. This is just an example.
  4. This storm is no where's near us. There is a High east of it that is pushing it away from Florida. Thank you very much, but I will be watching and hoping none of our friends are near where it will hit.
  5. Oh Lea that is tough. It is so hard, but sometimes it is for the best. We have our Dalmatian on the mantel and it is still hard to talk about him. They are now saying CAT4 for Laura. They are going door to door to tell people to GET OUT. Where it will hit, there is a big oil refinery. That has already been evacuated. PLEASE be careful.
  6. Tampa Doll

    Hand Puppet

    That is so cute.. He looks like one happy pumpkin.
  7. If you are into animal c2c graphs here is a place to get some for free. http://www.myhobbyiscrochet.com/p/thumbnail-photo-gallery.html Not only does she give you the graphs, colors she used, she also tells you the row by row written directions. I have made several of these and they are fast and easy. I am working on this https://www.etsy.com/listing/849332903/christmas-amigurumi-dolls-pattern?ref=shop_home_active_2&crt=1 I am doing it in thread.
  8. Love the Frankinstein mug rugs. You are really going to have a Spooktacular house. I wonder if we will have Halloween? The kids have gone back to school, so I will keep a watch out.
  9. Oh WOW😱 that is scary. To bad we can't send you some rain. Be careful.
  10. Rene tell Lyn Hi from Florida. Keep hanging tough. Good Morning everyone. What a weekend this turned out to be. New higher toilet in the Master Bath, now trying to figure out what kind of tile we want. Watching the weather really close. Marco should hit first in Lousianna and then Laura will be next wither Lousianna or Texas. We are out of the cones for both, but we may get some wind and rain. Please everyone be careful and keep an eye out. Also, be careful in California with the fires. Newsome has a big presense of Military, Navy, Marienes, Air Force, Coast Guard and probably Army. Why not get them called out to help? If my state was going up in flames I would. Not Political. All that beautiful country being burned. Lea, glad to see you are making the stackables. I am sure the kids are going to love them. Ah, one glass of wine is my limit. More than that and I am slurring my words. Well, off to see what the world has to offer.
  11. Thoughts and prayers coming your way and Yes, Rene, thanks for the update.
  12. Good Morning. Very cool things you made for your niece. You all have probably seen this, but thought you could use a laugh.
  13. Very cool idea. I love the colors.
  14. Hi Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁
  15. I love it. I needed the laugh. I saw a picture something like this and the caption was We Need to get the back to work. Love the trees Brenda. Facinating the way you cut them.
  16. I love the colors of all the squares. I just read an article that the humane society is asking people to put their domestic animals in at night and put water out for the wild animals that are fleeing the fires. As they put it they are now homeless, scared and thirsty. It is pretty scary watching the fires. Well, thought I would come in and say Hi. Oh I saw another T that said I do not horde yarn, I just crochet slower than I shop.
  17. Love the cat mat. Great Idea Darski. Very pretty and lots of space to put things in for testing.
  18. People are really busy. The Halloween Doll is adorable and the stockings, love the idea that they are all one. Can't forget the hats. Working on Mr. & Mrs Claus in thread. Going slow.
  19. Very pretty. Thanks for the link.
  20. Tampa Doll

    neko atsume cat

    He turned out really cute.
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