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  1. Here is the new Drops Christmas Calander 2020 DROPS Christmas Calendar 2020 - New Christmas patterns every day! (garnstudio.com)
  2. Beautiful tree and such a wonderful sentiment with the angel. It is so nice that you have some many that want to keep you happy. I love the blue and silver/white.
  3. It is 53 and I am freezing. I am off to my corner to get under the covers. I know it is Dec., but like ratdog I want you all to come and take your cold away. So much for Global Warming. Cleaner had to cancel, due to being sick. Tomorrow is a virtural with Dh's Heart Dr. Working on an afghan, but not going fast enough to keep me warm. All my packages are out and the cards are out, so I just can sit and relax. Have a fun day.
  4. Thanks for the giggle ratdog. That is so funny. Tuesday, waiting for the cleaner to come. All the decorations are up and I am working on an afghan for my Niece's daughter, what the heck is she called? Grand Niece? Anyway, it is COLD, I am in sweats and ready to turn the heat up to 80. I want my warm weather back. Off to make breakfast. Have a fun day.
  5. Sorry, I just checked my stash and this paticular pattern is not among them.
  6. Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁
  7. Thank you all. Yeah, this is a strange year. I am hoping that decorating will put the spirit back in the season.
  8. Tampa Doll


    Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁
  9. I only have to change the ornaments leaving it up all year. I love the wall trees or corner trees, as they are smaller, but I have no empty wall that is big enough or corner. Thank you all. I really love the smaller tree.
  10. That is just adorable. I love the figgy pudding and the snowmen. The new Santa and Mrs. Clause and the new Elf are just great. You have really done a very bit of cuteness. It is a great display.
  11. Wow Chris you have been busy. Well I finally got everything but the cards done and that is today's project. HERE is where you will find the new tree and table. Cut down the decorations this year, as I just can't do it this year, but I like the looks of things. Wanted to pop in and say Hi. Today is a good day to start the afghan I am making for my Niece's daughter who is getting married next year and her shower is in May. Have a great day
  12. Good Morning. I am almost done with what has to be done for the holiday HERE is my new tree and table for the season. It is cute and as you can see, I have cut down on the decorations this year. Love the tree Krys. When we went for our haircuts yesterday the guy down the street has a pair of grinch legs stuck in the holly tree in his yard. The couple next door put out a large Flamingo with a Santa hat sitting in a sleigh, that is pulled by 8 smaller flamingos. It is really funny. So we are cold and in sweats. Getting ready to put sluppers on. Have a fun day everyone.
  13. This has been one very strange year, but we always the the holidays to keep us going. This year I got rid on my 7 ft. tree as it was getting harder to reach the top of the tree to decorate and it was loosing needles. I decided to change it over as it was begining to remind me of the last real tree we had as kids. My Brother came home from the Navy and wanted a new tree. He bought it brought it home and we decorated it. He left, we took the tree down and by the time we got it out the door, there was not a singel needle on it. So the next year we got an artificial tree and found out, I was allergice to the real thing anyway. So I now have a 6 ft. tree. It is taking some getting use to, but it is cute and so much easier to decorate. I did have to leave some ornaments off, as yesterday we went to get a hair cut and when we came home, the tree had taken a face plant. So off came some of the heavier ornaments and so far so good. It is also decorated with lots of woodland animals. Fox, raccoon, cardinals and raindeer just ot name a few. I love this holiday, as I have so many happy memories growing up and funny stories. So MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.
  14. Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁 We are a friendly group. You can join the CAL's just to talk and get encouragement. We love pictures of what you are doing. Especially now, a lot of us find crocheting a relaxing way to get away or work thru our stuff. We have spots to ask for help and spots for patterns you are looking for. So come and enjoy and jump in. By the way, love the pig.
  15. Oh WOW😱 I am speechless. Not only amazing, but beautiful. Great work. The printer is here and working and yesterday we got the tree. Hopefully I can get it out of the box and up. The box is shorter than me, so I hope the tree is in two parts otherwise I did not get a 6' tree. Not doing much, as I am trying to decorate. Hopefully with the tree up I can finish today or tomorrow. Saturday, we go for haircuts and then ship some packages overseas. Off to work on the tree. Have a great day.
  16. Yeah that is it. I found them fascinating. There were some that were 2 rows instead of in the round, but I love your work.
  17. Thank you they are so easy and fun to make.
  18. Good Morning. Last warm day today if we believe the weather. Sun is shinning and a few clouds. We are suppose to get a cold front (snicker) for Florida show up tomorrow. Yeah, great news about the vaccine. Tampa General, which is right across the river from us, is suppose to get some to have it ready to distribute when they are given the ok. That is one of (I think) 4 hospitals in Florida getting it. I hope they start soon. I have no hope of my Buccaneers winning today. KC would have to put in their practice squad to beat them. Sad, sad day. Well, I am starting to put away my Thanksgiving stuff and getting ready to take out Christmas stuff. Hopefully I will get my new tree soon, but I will not take the old one down till it comes. Here is my new ornaments that I made this year.
  19. I have been busy making some Christmas Tree ornaments. One is a penguin with a fish that I have had for a while. The other I made into a tree, it is in the new Crochet World magazine and it is called a Stacked Flower.
  20. No, the one is to tall. I can not longer reach the top without either going up on my toes or pulling it down. So I will discard the old one, by the way it is losing needles and put up the new one, which is 1 ft. shorter.
  21. The knitting needles and pin boxes are beautiful. I also am always losing my pins, so that is a great idea. Have you see the stands that look like pipe racks, but hold crochet hooks instead? You work is beautiful.
  22. Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁 That is one beautiful sweater.
  23. Beautiful day today and warm again. My day was made when the Washington Football team beat the Dallas Cowboys. That just made my day. So I finished up so give-a-ways this morning and got some packages ready for Shipping overseas. I forgot I have NO printer. Mine decided to die before Thanksgiving, so we had to buy a new one. I hope to get it by Wednesday. No big Turkey dinner here. We had sliced of Turkey breast, with all the fixings on Wednesday and yesterday we had Turkey sandwiches. I am not a big Turkey eater. Today is Pork Chops with scalloped potatoes, veggie dip and apple sauce. Well off to my corner. Have a great day.
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