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  1. Love that set and the colors are perfect.
  2. That is nice. I use to love sitting on our porch in the morning with my coffee and watch the sun come up. Yeah, we have the same problem here, if we want to do anything on the outside of the house, including the landscaping and color we paint the house. Our problem is the homeowners association. Well, seen the foot Dr. this morning, ran to the bank and a quick trip to the grocery store for my prescription. So I am now home for the rest of the day. Hockey game at 2, as they are playing in Sweden. Should be fun. Have a fun day.
  3. Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.
  4. I have had both and a gas or electric fireplace is the best. NO CLEAN-UP and NO SOOT. Love the pictures of the place is that an enclosed area behind the fireplace to you left> Well off to get some work done, tonight is Raiders and Chargers. Our Lightning does not play till tomorrow and Saturday. They are in Sweden. So cool, that some of the players get to play at home in front of family and friends.
  5. I asked my friend, who made one for me and she said she had no pattern. She looked at the picture and made the parts. Sorry I could not be of more help.
  6. I was given this gnome from a FGM. I will see if she remembers where she got the pattern.
  7. Still morning so Good Morning. I have finished the afghan and stuffy that are going together to my SIL. Pictures also taken. So one project down and one to go. Taped Fox and Friends and finished watching that. They are done here in St. Petersburg. Beautiful day for them to be here and a beautiful background. Where they were sitting was looking out over the Bay to the Tampa Skyline. Yeah, Brenda, that can be a problem, but so much went right and Andy, from what we hear, is not putting him on the field till he thinks all is right. Off to get my next project started. Have a fun day.
  8. Good afternoon. I have been working on an afghan for my SIL. That is done and now I am making a stuffie to go with it. That is almost done. I hope to get pictures in a couple of days. Brenda, I saw Mahone also and yelled STOP IT. What I heard was he was ready the next week, but Andy said NO!. They said that he has lose muscles in his knees, that is why it was not as bad as it should of been. I was glad to see them win. It was a good and surprising Sunday. Good - Eagles and KC won. Bad - Dallas won and the Pats lost. Oh well, that is how it goes. Some are blaming the black cat that ran on the field during the game in the Meadowlands. Have fun today.
  9. Thank you all. I have looked and googled everywhere, but no Crochet. Yes, they all have the knitting one. I have bought one every year since it started, but they, from what I heard, decided that there was not enough interest or patterns to print one for this year. So sad, as I always looked forward to it and I always found a few patterns that I really liked. Oh well, I will have to look for something else.
  10. Good Morning. It is a beautiful day. We are done with the clinic, so we are in a very happy frame of mind. Wanted to drop in, before I go to my corner to finish an afghan I am working on. Have a bright and beautiful day.
  11. Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.
  12. Crochet Pattern-A-Day Desk Calendar. Every year I get this calendar, and it looks like last year was the last one for it. Done Anyone know if this will be published for 2020 or not?
  13. Good Afternoon. I spent this morning putting up the Thanksgiving stuff. Put the Halloween stuff away yesterday When we got home from haircuts. Man I am so tired. My knee feels like someone has been beating on it. I will take the next two days off. Oh Lea that sound delicious. Long time ago, Dh use to kibitz on my cooking. It go so he would come in and mess with it. I would step out of the way and let him have the kitchen. It was great. He did all the cooking for a while. Today is ribs and he is still kibitzing. He told me how to wrap them, what temp to put them on and for how long. Ok, by me. I am the souce chef. You know the guy who does the preparing? I am making a four panel afghan for my SIL to replace the one she did not get in the basket. This one has 4 owls in different colors. It will be outlined in pink with a pink border. I may make an owl stuffie to go with it, as the baby's sister decided she was to little to play with the topsy turvey doll that went with the afghan I made. It is time to turn the ribs. Have a fun day.
  14. Good Morning. Off for haircuts this morning. Yeah I am with you Lyn. Our State along with sever others are thinking about not changing them in the Spring. I would rather have them do this in the spring and not in the fall. Have a fun day.
  15. Oh so pretty. I do have to get back to thread.
  16. Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.
  17. I loved that movie and have watched it several times. I am not sure which is my favorite song. I love several musicals, in fact, I think they are my favorite type, next to comedies.
  18. I will take some of you cool weather. We are still going to be in the 80's so far for the rest of the week. The humidity will go away on Sat. and maybe Sunday. I like the warm weather, but this is getting out of hand. Good morning. Up early this morning. Hope to finish or get the last panel of the afghan I am making finished, so I can put it together and do the edging. Off to the clinic. Have a fun day.
  19. He would look adorable on my tree. He is so cute.
  20. Just adorable. He looks like he is sad. I do agree with Granny Squares the eyebrows could of been in a V shape, for the grumpy look. I do love it the way it is.
  21. 78 this morning when I got up at 7. Sun is shinning and not much going on. Our friend is coming over today to do some handyman work. Yeah Lea, sometimes DH is iffy here also. Somedays you just need a day of vegging out.
  22. Oh they are perfect for both a potholder and an afghan. I looked at them and thought blanket. Love the one you make for yourself. I found a great pattern on Repeatcrafter site. Never knew it was around.
  23. Good Morning, Went to the clinic 6 more sessions and we are done. Hot and Humid. It feels more like August, then October. Even we get a break from the humidity. Looking at maybe rain all week. I hope it holds off on Thursday for the Trick or Treaters. Have a fun day.
  24. Good Morning. I was sleeping till noon today, but up at 6, go figure. Hot again today with humidity. So tired of this. Get rid of the humidity. Doing the wash today. Have fun.
  25. OMG just beautiful and you are so talented to be able to change that over.
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