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  1. Congrats to your son Ratdog. What an accomplishment. Tomorrow we should hear if we get our new mailbox or not. The hold up is brackets. Because they are white, they have to be painted and then baked like a car. The post office is an amazing place. Last Friday my medicine was in Palm Harbor. Saturday, instead of being in my mailbox it went to Winter Springs, Fl. which is above Orlando on the side of the state. It is still sitting there, good thing I have plenty. I give them one more day to ship it back, before I call. Rant over. Hazy, hot and humid. Possible rain. Have a fun day.
  2. They just listed the rules for opening the schools here. Mask must be worn. hand sanitizer will be located at different areas of the school. One substitute teacher per school. Reni, love the joke. But it is so true.
  3. Wow that is beautiful. You should put a tag on it so everyone knows it is your quarantine blanket and made in 2020. Love the colors and the outlines. I would have nightmares sewing that together.
  4. Good One Ratdog. I agree with you. Opinions should be expressed at the polls. Watching the dark clouds to the east of us. Not sure if we going to get any rain. Sure can use it. Put water in the pool today, thought for sure that would get us some. I know, I will set up the sprinklers to go off on Thursday.
  5. The only thing that would stop me from sending my kids to school at this point, is if they were going to teach the 1619 forum. This is a total abomination to our history. Many kids are having trouble learning virtually, so being in the class room is better. Besides the parents need to get back to work. Enough politics. We all have our opinions. It is like vaccines. Many do not get the flue shot and that is your choice, But how many will take the vaccine for this Covid-19? Not asking, but wondering and my opinion.
  6. Good Morning. Well, the news this morning told all the kids to get ready. Schools will open as usual on August 24th. I think (my own opinion) that they need to go back. They need to dispel the energy that has been pent up with the stay in place. Storms moving in, so need to cut this short. Have a great day.
  7. It was different and I thank you Chris for your help with the shoulder straps. I have used the UV light I have to sanitize the whole box and contents. It is now getting closed up and ready for shipment.
  8. Hi Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁 Depends on how big you want the sheep. I have worked with the chenille yarn and not overly happy with it. I had trouble seeing the loops. Of course I do not have the best eye sight. Do you want ww or DK? Best place to get help is here. https://forum.crochetville.com/forum/39-crochet-yarn/
  9. I make some doll cloths for Bailey4's charity. I mostly send a doll with outfits a tote and some doll blankets. I have some time, so I thought I would make another outfit for an 18" doll to send up. I have to get it packed up and sent, before I have to pack it up and take it up, cause of the weight. Here she is. It is a pattern from Granny Square Holiday outfits. This is Easter, but I did not make the hat.
  10. 🤣 Thanks Lea I needed that laugh, just hope the heart Dr. is happy. Love the picture of you DIL. The Giraffe is adorable. I have a pattern I would like to send to you, but I will ask first. Look for an e-mail. ReniC what a great surprise for you. Sorry about the other problems. I was talking to a friend a while ago. and we were laughing. When we were young, it was "What movie do you want to see?" :"What are you going to wear?" " Did you talk to so and so?" You know everyday things of kids and young adults. NOW, it is what hurts, what we need to get done and what medicine we are taking. Think about it. Getting old is a bitch. Eating light tonight 1/2 sandwich and soup. Have a fun day. Oh I am posting a new outfit I made for the doll Charity for Bailey4. Summer Doll outfit.
  11. Hi Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁 What I did when I first started was put a stitch marker on the first and last stitch. This way, you know where they are. Once you get use to crocheting, you can stop using the markers, except for the first stitch when crocheting in the round.
  12. Good Morning. Lea the giraffe is adorable. Pineknott, I do not blame you. I would go for the full sleep myself. We will keep you in our prayers. cshort, I thought they were opening the schools? Seems like they can't make up their minds. Good luck with the training. Hey, snuck up on the scale yesterday and guess what? Lost another pound. Well that is it for today. Have a fun day.
  13. Hi Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁 That is very cute. Thank you for the info. More people will see it, if you post it here. https://forum.crochetville.com/forum/475-crochet-patterns/
  14. Beautiful day today. Maybe some rain later, who knows, certainly not the weather people. SIL got the afghan, Llama and slippers yesterday. She loves the slippers, so hopefully she likes the rest. Our mailbox is not slated to be put in on the 13th. Keep your fingers crossed. Our other one is kind of rickety. Watched Thank God It's Friday, yesterday. Boy did that movie bring a lot of memories back. Lionel Richie is still with the Commodores. It was fun to watch and I loved the music. Especially Donna Summers. We watched it on Amazon Prime Movies. Today is watching Law & Order and a Hockey game at 3 PM. Have a fun day.
  15. Take care Judianne and thanks for the info. I have been trying to contact my SIL and see how they are doing. They are in Sicklerville. I should give my sister a call also, see if they have service. Up early and getting stuff done, before it gets to hot. Well, off to try and make some calls. Have a great day.
  16. You are actually working the legs onto the body. It is like sock monkeys and sever other patterns. You will do 8 dc on the body, then pick up one of the legs and do 10 DC on the leg. As you add each leg, you will do 10 DC from the leg. Once you finish the row, you will have all legs attached the extra strings attached to the leg, you will make sure it is inside. I do not see it, but you should have 8dc, between the back and front legs on each side. I hope this helps.
  17. 🤣Sorry Lea, I had to laugh. You missed your chance. You could of said of course they are organic. They are from my Secret Garden. Is the water filtered? I would of said Yeah I just finished running it thru my still. Gotta love em. So 3 H's are in full bloom today. Lea glad you are all back and ok after the storm. Have a fun day today.
  18. I understand Brenda. We grew up with fans in the windows. During the day, upstairs was closed up and down stairs was open. The fans were taking the air out. At night the downstairs was closed up and the windows upstairs was open. We got one window unit after a while, because of my allergies. I got the AC. I have this movie on VHS and DVD. I am looking at getting it on VUDU.
  19. I was a young stupid teenager and it was before I realized "Hey stupid you have the completion of a red head" Stay out of the sun. Glad to hear you made out ok with the storm Lyn. Good luck with the scan.
  20. Thank you all. Yeah, the movie house was the old one from when they had shows before the movie. Mom told us that they use to go there during the war and sometimes got dishes with the price of the ticket I always dedicate this table to my Mom, as her birthday is the end of the month and of course because she loved Gone With the Wind. She would of been 100 this year.
  21. It is August again and I thank the tech. Gods for AC. Every year I make this statement, but I don't think I could of lived back when they wore so many cloths. Can you imagine putting on all those layers of clothing without AC? Gone With the Wind was my Mom's favorite movie. When I was 16 she took me and my sister to the movie house in Philly. It was a movie house you don't see anymore. It had a stage and big red curtain. The whole place was red and gold. The lobby was opulent with glitter of red and gold. I think my sister and I were the youngest people at the movie. I fell laughing when in the movie they show Clark Gable at the bottom of the stairs. There was a collective sigh in the place. I really enjoyed the move and I still do. Mammy was my favorite character in her red petticoat and of course Prissy. August was the month we went to Ocean City, NJ for a week. We stayed with a friend a block from the beach and boardwalk. It was our last vacation before school started. In this time of having to distance and stay in, I hope we can look forward to once again having vacations and lots of fun with family and friends.
  22. Good Morning. Yeah, watching the news shows NC got hit pretty bad and it will still pack quite a wallop when it hits the rest of the states up North. Switching over the table and tree today. Everyone have a great day.
  23. Not sure about Goodwills, but the Vietnam Vets are picking up. They will be here on the 6th. Today was like walking out into an oven. I was out long enough to be well done. To think as a young thing, I use to go out to the beach, put on baby oil and fry. Learned real fast that is NOT good. Off to watch my hockey game.
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