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  1. Love the Frankinstein mug rugs. You are really going to have a Spooktacular house. I wonder if we will have Halloween? The kids have gone back to school, so I will keep a watch out.
  2. Oh WOW😱 that is scary. To bad we can't send you some rain. Be careful.
  3. Rene tell Lyn Hi from Florida. Keep hanging tough. Good Morning everyone. What a weekend this turned out to be. New higher toilet in the Master Bath, now trying to figure out what kind of tile we want. Watching the weather really close. Marco should hit first in Lousianna and then Laura will be next wither Lousianna or Texas. We are out of the cones for both, but we may get some wind and rain. Please everyone be careful and keep an eye out. Also, be careful in California with the fires. Newsome has a big presense of Military, Navy, Marienes, Air Force, Coast Guard and probably Army. Why not get them called out to help? If my state was going up in flames I would. Not Political. All that beautiful country being burned. Lea, glad to see you are making the stackables. I am sure the kids are going to love them. Ah, one glass of wine is my limit. More than that and I am slurring my words. Well, off to see what the world has to offer.
  4. Thoughts and prayers coming your way and Yes, Rene, thanks for the update.
  5. Good Morning. Very cool things you made for your niece. You all have probably seen this, but thought you could use a laugh.
  6. Very cool idea. I love the colors.
  7. Hi Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁
  8. I love it. I needed the laugh. I saw a picture something like this and the caption was We Need to get the back to work. Love the trees Brenda. Facinating the way you cut them.
  9. I love the colors of all the squares. I just read an article that the humane society is asking people to put their domestic animals in at night and put water out for the wild animals that are fleeing the fires. As they put it they are now homeless, scared and thirsty. It is pretty scary watching the fires. Well, thought I would come in and say Hi. Oh I saw another T that said I do not horde yarn, I just crochet slower than I shop.
  10. Love the cat mat. Great Idea Darski. Very pretty and lots of space to put things in for testing.
  11. People are really busy. The Halloween Doll is adorable and the stockings, love the idea that they are all one. Can't forget the hats. Working on Mr. & Mrs Claus in thread. Going slow.
  12. Very pretty. Thanks for the link.
  13. Tampa Doll

    neko atsume cat

    He turned out really cute.
  14. Good Morning. Nothing but thunder storms from about 8 last night till a little while ago. Not doing much in the way of crocheting. The eyes are having a little trouble focusing. I will be glad when I get to see the eye Dr. at the end of the month. Oh Lea, I told my SIL about the shower for your DIL. Her Granddaughter (the Llama person) is having her shower at the Country Club and there will be a pro photographer. Oh and she told them if they want to get in a picture with her, they must wear a dress or skirt, NO shorts or pants. This is her grandmother. I am now worried she will not like the stuff I made for my SIL, I told her if the snobs say anything, tell them she paid $300 for the set. That should bring their noses down. She doesn't know where this kid came from, as they are not like that. No offense to those who went, but she thinks it if the Hoity Toity College people she hung around with. I told her about the fruit and water. Well, off make breakfast. Have fun today.
  15. Good Afternoon. We have had a lot of storms run thru here this morning. So it has been a little wet and noisy here today. Thank you Collette, we went from a mailbox attached to the house in South Jersey to a Cluster Box in Central to a box at the end of the driveway. This one is surprising because it is heavy metal and has been cemented into the ground. It was expensive, but worth the price. Got a call from the tree people and they will be here on Sept. 4th in the morning, so we are moving right along. I hear you with people not knowing how long it takes to make things and not appreciate it. One year I made an afghan and stuffy for my SIL and they changed the date of the shower, so it would not be done in time. She asked if I had a picture of what I was making, so she could put it in the card. This time I made the Llama blanket, stuffy and slippers. She is still raving about the slippers. Anyway, she asked me for the price, I told her I would only charge her for the material. I sent up the afghan, stuffy and slippers told her what it would cost. She sent me an Amazon gift card for double, cause she felt I did not charge enough. She is a sewer, so she knows about time it takes to make things. Sometimes we are appreciated, but it has to be someone who knows what is involved. We never had a varenda growing up. There was a pourch or stoop and a doorway. I guess you could call the laini a veranda, as it has enough room for chairs and such. So hope everyone is going to have a great day.
  16. Good Morning. Krys so glad you are ok. Storms can be scary. Well it is hot and humid and we are suppose to get showers this morning, we shall see. Got up and the front windows were steamed up. My AC is set at 78. Well, off to make breakfast and then to my corner. Have a fun day.
  17. Hi Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁 I am not very good with the magic rings myself. I usually chain 2 (if sc) then put the number of sc's in second chain from hook. If it is a dc I chain 4 for hdc it is chain 3.
  18. Here you go Lea. https://www.fashionlove.shop/tomyson-02?fbclid=IwAR1wZetLDLE7Ltp4isusV2ijkX-8R5hK8hr1fdFUTuNnMT8vpD9FEXvSdCU
  19. Lea so glad you got the pattern book. I was worried. I finally got my medicine today after 4 days on the East Coast. Some people have the patience for home schooling and some don't . I had to laugh over the brain tumor or ingrown toe nail. Well, here is the new mailbox. Now the trees.
  20. Great news on your Dad babyphoosmom. Love the paper holder Daraski. Getting things packed up and ready to ship. Have a good day everyone.
  21. Thanks for the giggle. That is so cool. Great news on the test Pineknott. Off to my corner.
  22. Good Morning. I have one more thing to say about the schools. Hillsboro opened the schools yesterday. The news was at one of the grade schools. They talked to a father who was dropping his 5 year old off for kindergarten. They asked him how he felt about it. He said " Believe me she needs this". The look on his face was hystirical. Anyway, they had a yellow brick road painted on the sidewalk. Everyone was met by either Dorothy, The lion, the Scarecrow and the Tinman. Everything Wizard of oz. Inside the water fountains were blocked off. They had sanitary stations all around. The desk were far enough apart and along the walls were hooks 6 ft. intervals for backpacks. Oh and everyone must wear a mask. Looks like they got it going. Well, we just got our grocery order. All is put away and now I am going back to work on Santa and Mrs. Claus. Ran the sprinklers today, as NO RAIN. Have a fun day.
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