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  1. How did you code the http address link into the linking tag ?
  2. Hi Everybody. Found the new site last night. Been checking it out this morning. Wow Great job. Guess I can unpack the yarn and hooks.
  3. new test 2 a new test
  4. Dora is zipping right along. Hollier2002, With the shoes, I used a bobbin on each shoe for black and pink.
  5. Thank you all for your encouragement with the Princess and Dora afghans. I haven't done anything like them in a long time. Now as for the bobbins. I use the regular size bobbins . Now I was in Joann's the other day and they had real large ones for bulky yarn. I would advise getting them for a large amount of yarn. You won't have to wind yarn on the bobbin as often. I find bobbins much easier to use, then using full hanks of yarn for each color. Less chance of getting tangled up. Below is the Mary Maxim web site where you can see the bobbins. When you get there just put in bobbins for search and it will take you there. If you want to be ambitious, you could probable make you own. plastic bobbins
  6. Deb, Let me apologize. I did not get upset with you laughing about my idea. As I said I hit the floor laughing myself. My husband is always telling me that I come off to strong when I post. So I am glad that your stains came out. Happy crocheting.
  7. Beads, beads and more beads. Can you crochet with beads? Click on my button after my signature. There are hundreds of things you can make with beads. Doll dresses, snowflakes. You can put them into your doilies, and best of all you can also incorporate them into sweaters, vest, shaw's and just about anything you make. :danc It isn't as hard as it looks. and it can be fun. I have seen things crocheted with using ribbon. You can make crocheted roses, again doilies and try adding into a shaw. Have fun with the stuff and experiment. The most important thing is HAVE FUN. :yay2
  8. Another version is at Mary Maximum (sp?) You can get the yarn kit for either 19.99 or 46.99 depending on the type of yarn kit you want. I am sure that it can be made at all different prices depending on the yarn you use.
  9. Hi Amy, Welcome to Crochetville. Haven't been here to long myslef. You are going to this :grouphug . Lots of nice people and beautiful work.
  10. I've made several sweaters with patterns, gut I haven't tried that one, but the multi patterned one is just beautiful.
  11. You can laugh all you want at the douche. It works and what I used was the vinegar & water and the regular one. As the vet said, "Think about what it is made to clean, then laugh out the other side." To tell you the truth, I laughed myself silly until I tried it. :rotfl At this point what can it hurt? Good luck with the lab. :fc
  12. Hi Debi Welcome to crochetville. You'll see lots and neat stuff and get lots of .
  13. Wow :wowdrool That is great. You did a beautiful job.
  14. Check out this sight it is Herrschners They have a big yarn sale on now.
  15. Here is an idea that my vet gave me when my dog was having accidents. Go and get some messengale douche (not sure of the spelling). pour it on the stain and wait a few minutes, then wash it. Believe me it works. Not only does it get rid of the smell, but it also gets rid of the stain. Good luck. :fc :fc :fc
  16. Hey everybody, just got an e-mail from Herrschners about a kit for Martha's Poncho. They are even offering it in 13 different colors. Here's the big joke. They want $80 for it unless you go through the e-mail, then it is only $59. Yeah right. I'll wait until someone else sells just the pattern.
  17. :)h the sweater. The model is just precious. She sure likes to model her stuff. Got one red head in my family.
  18. That is really great. My husband cracked up when he saw it. Thought it was the cutest thing he has seen. Love the eyes.
  19. Updated 3-10 Dora’s Progress I think she is going to be bigger that my granddaughter
  20. If you have a few minutes, check out this article that was in the St. Petersburg, Fl. newspaper. It is about a 4th grade class that loves to crochet. They make squares for afghans that are donated to a local children's charity. The boys and girls love it. They carry the yarn and hooks with them all the time. I thought it was a great article with a beautiful picture. Oh yeah, it was a full page. :yay2 St. Petersburg Times Article
  21. Check out this web site. It is an article in our paper yesterday, in reguards to boys crocheting. They are in a 4th grade class and love it. :cheer2 :cheer2 :cheer2 St. Petersburg Times Article
  22. Sondra, I only outlined what needed to be outlined. I did the faces and hands. I really dislike outlining. It is sewing and I am not very patient when it comes to sewing. :<> It is really up to the individual whether to outline or not. I had to show the chins, noses and hands with fingers.
  23. Adding a new color to your work is like changing colors. On stitch prior to color change, do a sc till 2 loops are on the hook. Put new color on the hook, and pull through the 2 loops, new color is added. adding colors Some people don’t, but I continue to crochet around the main color, till it is needed again. Once you are ready to pick up the main color again, it is right there. Before you totally drop the next color, check on the next row and see how much further it is needed. You may need it one to ??? Stitches . This way, you can carry the color behind your work one to two stitches before you need it on the next row. When you pick up on the next row, you will crochet around the new color and then work like you are adding a color. This makes for less strings hanging down to be weaved in later. This is especially good if you have only one stitch to add. As to crocheting around the main color until needed again, some will tell you it is better to only carry it for 3 to 6 stitches. Let me warn you, that if you use bobbins for the main color, you will forever be making bobbins, as they do not hold much yarn. Another idea is to use 2 skeins of yarn. One for each side of the afghan. changing colors Some info web sites http://hostultra.com/~huggems/grafgfaq.html http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa072697.htm http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa041203b.htm
  24. In a nut shell, when you add the new color you do it as changing colors with the string hanging down. Now you do not cut it when you are done. You crochet around it till you are at least on stitch past where you will use it in the next row. When you pick it up, you start a single crochet in the stitch prior to needing and crochet it like you would a color change, but there is no string hanging down. I am getting together some pictures, so that you can see how it is done. I hope to have them today or tomorrow.
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