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  1. Welcome  to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

    Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

    We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁

    If you are looking for a pattern.  I would go into the Seeking patterns and ask there.

  2. Judianne, I have a coat in my closet that has been there for 30 years.  Everytime I feel cold, I look at that and remember HOW cold it would get in Jersey.

    I am working on a doll dress (in thread) for my dolls to go up to Bailey4.  It is taking a little longer than I thought.  I will also be making 3 baby blankets for a friend.  One is green and cream, one is lumberjack red and black and one is safari animals.  This should be fun.

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  3. Hopefully it will go out on Monday.  I am sending it early and telling them they can hold it for the shower or open it now.  Of course with the weather in Jersey, they can use it now.  I will pick up a card to go with it on Saturday.

  4. Ok I had waffles for breakfast and could of used the maple syrup.  That is so cool.

    Finished the afghan and it is posted on Show and tell.  Fall Afghan for Niece.  I will be sending it out hopefully next week. 

    I am now starting a dress for a 18" doll for Bailey4.

    Still cold here, but promising to warm up and be about 75 by Saturday (still cold).

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  5. This is a mistake many make with cotton.  You can make anything with it that you make with acrylic yarn.  I have used it in doll dresses, placemats and the usual hot pads and pot holders.  I have seen patterns for kitchen curtains and such.  I have even used it for ornaments that call for 22 yarn.

    Hope this helps 

    Welcome to Crochetville from the West Coast of Florida.


  6. I have a niece who's daughter is getting married this year.  I was wondering what to get her, as they have been in their house for about a year.  So I thought I would make an afghan.  Now as to colors, I was told muted browns and such.  No yellow or red or blue or whatever.  So I found this free graph on FB and made it with the modification of the background.  Instead of a gold, it is Lt. Taupe.

    It is made with I love this yarn and the pattern in here  (1) Free Graphghan Graph Charts patterns | Facebook  They have lots of patterns.  The picture was taken on my Queen Size bed.


    Fall Afghan (1).JPG

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  7. Krys that is just great about your daughter.

    Reni good news about maybe changing the age for the shot.

    I read about prisoners' also getting the vaccine before elderly.  Do you know they also get a relief check like the rest of us?

    The thing that got me in the grocery store was the lack of paper plates.  It sort of made me laugh.

    Well Thank you to the gods of the PO.  My last package finally make it to its destination.:jumpyay  What is that over a month?

    My afghan is done and I will be getting pictures later today.

    Have a fun day.

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  8. Welcome  to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

    Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

    We are always so glad to meet new friends.😁

  9. 52 minutes ago, ReniC said:

    Good Morning/Afternoon wherever you may be!

    My DD went to Walmart yesterday to pick a few things up for me and sent me this photo, telling me it's probably best I don't go shopping. She thinks I'd get so upset because of the way all of Walmart's aisles look right now. She had to go to 2 other stores to get the rest of the items on my list and they look the same. We have 4 other grocery stores in town and they're all like this. We're extremely shopping challenged to begin with because the population boomed in the past 10 years and no new shopping has been introduced to relieve the demand. Are the empty shelves like this happening in your areas due to Covid? It's really scary.

    I saw on the news last night that the vaccine in my state may be expanded down to people age 65+ that have health problems. Maybe there's hope yet.

    I only crocheted 2 rounds last night. I was too tired to do more. Oh! And I did get a text that my yarn should be here Friday- Yay! 

    I hope you enjoy the day as much as I'm going to. :flower


    This is the section of our store where the paper towels, toilet paper and of course Lysol spray.  

  10. I know you guys can help me.

    I am looking for a lumber jack or plaid afghan that used 2 maybe 3 colors.  The friend who wants it says they like the lumber jack black and red plaid.

    Can anyone help me?  All the ones I have found have thin stripes running thru them or several colors.

  11. If I remember, they are part of the yarn.  As you cut it, there will be threads that run thru the center of the yarn.  I do not know of a way to get rid of them.

  12. I am still in sweats and it looks like we will stay that way the rest of the week.  I want my heat back.

    Ah Reni, that sucks.  If anyone should get that shot it is you.  At least here, where they have it, you only have to be 65 or older right now.  Still waiting to see when we can get ours.  

    Been working on the afghan for 2 days.  I have 40 more rows.  This one has taken about a month or more.

    I need to find something bright and pretty after this afghan.

    Have a nice night.


  13. Good Morning.

    Yeah, there are lots of places to move here, but it would be further away from the kids, so I don't think you would want that.  But you would be closer to Disney, so it is 6 of 1 and 1/2 dozen of the other.

    Not much going on here.  This is a quite week.  The only interloper we had was our friend who does some work outside.

    I am still in sweats, so it is still cold.

    I still have one package missing, so I am going to mark it up to being in the land of the missing packages.  Looks like I will be shipping out packages in October next year.

    Have a fun day.

  14. Hey Lea thanks for the hug.  

    Yeah Segi, DH said I should not of called it that.  Hey it is what they do.  I still say if the guys had to have the hoha squashed like that they would find a better way to do it.  Well, I am good for another year.

    Oh yeah when I went to the Dr. they put DH and I in separate rooms, as they had to ask us questions.  We were told to remember 3 words.  Kitchen, baby and sunrise.  They I had to put numbers in the clock and put hands to make it 11:15.  Then she asked me for the words.  I said Clock, baby and sunrise.  She said no it was Kitchen.  So I told her all kitchens have clocks.:rofl  They were trying to see how our memories were.  Then they moved us into one room.  

    The vaccine, we have been told that the hospital will do a random thing and we will get an e-mail telling us to call for an appointment, they will be doing 250 per day. We have now found out that 22 grocery stores will be given out the shots by appointment, but none are near us.  so we wait.

    We are going down to 35 today.  THAT is to cold.

    One of the young girls at the mamo today said she wants to move north for 3 years.  (born in Florida).  I told her 1 snow storm and she would be packing her bags and moving back.  The woman standing next to me to check in said you got that right.  She was from Philly.

    Well, enough.  I am going back to my corner to watch football.

    Have a good night.

  15. Good Morning everyone.

    Things  have to get better this year.

    Well off for the yearly tits squeeze.  I have an appointment for for the Mamo this morning.  Yeah!

    Not much going on.  I will have 3 games today to watch and 3 tomorrow and Wed. the Hockey starts, so I have lots to watch.

    Cold this morning and suppose to get colder.  In the Upper counties the Strawberry Farmers and such will be watching and getting the sprinklers ready to coat the plants.

    Well, off see you later and have a great day.

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