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    Catherine Roche-Wallace
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    30-something transplant to Cajun-land from Pittsburgh, PA area! Divorced mom with a teenage son
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    Lafayette, LA, USA
  • Hobbies
    Crochet! Tropical fish, aerobics, gardening
  • Occupation
    Music professor, free-lance musician. I play the horn, which many people call the french horn!
  • Favorite projects
    Things to wear (ponchos, scarves, baby things) for family, friends, self
  • Crocheting since...
    2004, having learned 20+ years ago in Girl Scouts!
  1. Thanks, everyone for the sweet comments! I plan to make more things with beads & thread!
  2. Here's the choker I was pattern testing for Kathy. I'm definately a novice at thread, but I enjoyed learning the bullion stitch, and I think its the most beautiful thing I've ever made! See more pix on my crochet blog!
  3. :cheerOn my next to last day at camp, I got my second package! And what fun stuff! Perfect to lift my spirits while I say goodbye to folks I only see here every year! Cute fun & fuzzy flip floops in my favorite, PINK! And, to color-coordinate, a cute pink belt! She even tucked in some pattern pull-offs, m ost of which I didn't have yet! JenC, you ROCK! Now, if I can just get yours in the mail! I am enroute from camp (a three-day trip), and I'll send it when I get home. I promise, it is TOTALLY worth the wait!
  4. Thanks, JenC! I got the perfect thing for camp! A blue beaded belt that is the exact color of our camp uniforms! How did you know? And, an amber beaded necklace, a fridge magnet, and a little notebook! Perfect for writing my students' addys so I can e-mail them after camp! Your 2nd package will be there soon!
  5. Hello from Blue Lake! I have two RAOK thank-you's! I got a sweet postcard! And, some beautiful beads! I wish I'd brought all my techno to camp so y'all can see how many super beads! And beading cord & elastic! And beading needles! I'll post pix when I get home!
  6. Beautiful stitching! Perfect for your trip w/ Mom!
  7. I would ESPECIALLY love Any little sweet treat is welcome, Chocolate is my favorite . . . Any of the wonderful yarns in a pink-ish or purple-ish colorway from Monsoon Winds ; I want to make something fun & colorful for my teenage cousin. Support your local Etsy artisan! I need a soft crochet hook case for my two wood hooks! I love this one by Carrie's Craft Fair, but one Made By You would be even better! Bath and Body Works Body Cream! Louisiana is so hard on a gal's skin! The flowerdy scents are my favorite . . . Any angel things (even better if Made by YOU)! I have an angel obsession (my son just rolled his eyes and said, "No More, MOM!"). Angels in thread, angel ornaments, angel doilies, angel jewelry, angel granny squares . . . they will be treasured and displayed year 'round! I got a sweet crocheted angel! Thank you! Brain's Barn hooks in size F, G, or I Whatever you send, please be sure I have at least a return addy so I can send you a thank-you note!
  8. Thanks so much for the tip! I'll be mini-vacationing in Holland between sessions of teaching at Blue Lake! Lizzie's is in the same area as the brewpub, I can park my DB and we can both indulge The only yarn shop that comes up in Yahoo is Friends of Wool on Washington Square in Holland. Anyone know about that one?
  9. My most popular things (the things my students or people at the mall stop me & ask about) are little tote bags. They're fun, functional, and can use all kinds of different, colorful yarns. Here's a few . . . thanks to our "free crochet pattern site" ladies! You girls are THE BEST http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/bags_totes_purses.php http://home.inreach.com/marthac/totes.html
  10. Hey, sweetie! Very nice blankie-- they will it! Let me know if you are still confused about Flickr. I have an account (see below), & I can help!
  11. My son and I become quite the night owls when school lets out for the summer --typically we are up until well after midnight CST; he on MySpace, AOL IM or World of Warcraft, me on the couch listening to the death and destruction, watching who he's talking to, and crocheting!
  12. It WAS fun , except for the UNTANGLING part! It took 2 hours per skein to get it all untangled and into balls . Check my blog for the finished product Roli, the wool is destined for a new hook case for my two wood hooks! They deserve it!
  13. tlisley and KnicKnac, your daughters are such CUTIES! Something tells my my DS won't model my goodies for me when they arrive . . . JenC just sent me a cute e-card to say she got my 1st surprise . . . she's having computer issues and we may not get to see pics, but she says SHE LOVES IT! Time to get back to work on #2!
  14. This looks too good to pass up! Here's my quilt block choice, and my colors-- I've actually got 9 blocks done, but they are at my BF's apartment in Memphis, and he's in Baltimore visiting his dad Count me in with the other crochet-aholocs! Maybe I'll actually get the thing DONE!
  15. I dyed two skeins tonight; check out my blog; I took pictures along the way! Here's a peek;
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