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    I love the outdoors in the summer and spending time with family and friends
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    crocheting knitting and camping
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    Stay at home mom I take care of my handicapped daughter
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  1. How many 6 inch squares does it take roughly to make an afghan well I want it to be around 40 inches wide by 50 inches long and I have 10 made so far
  2. omg I so love this style of afghan you did a beautiful job it is so gorgeous I'm sure any mother would love a gift like this
  3. I want to be in this one I already started my first strip from the panda crochet website and I must say I love it it works up pretty fast
  4. ok I will try this I got a huge load of yarn that used to my grandmothers she passed away in october of 08 also my dad has a few more boxes for me
  5. I really love it love the colours also great job
  6. WOW I love it it's very gorgeous I love the pattern
  7. these wash cloths are great they look so soft I love how you presented them as well great job!!!!
  8. I saw the beautiful creation s that you have made very very nice especially the personalize baby blanket I love it:cheer
  9. to my understanding and what I did I slipped stitched into the chain 3 and into the first stitch and chained 3 mine is flat so far
  10. well I posted a picture of my rr in the rr cal it's not quite done still have to add the second set of points but I was proud of my progress I had to share it now
  11. Yes it does work up fast I just hope that I will have enough yarn to finish the yarn I'm using I bought at my local thrift shop and the yarn I have came from stores that are not even open anymore so I don't even know if you can still buy these colors
  12. Well I said that I would be done my rr in september lol I said to my self try again hahaha at the rate I'm going I should be done next week or maybe this weekend if I have no plans
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