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  1. The old tried and true Herrschners pattern but the first one I have made, I think he is pretty darn cute!
  2. These are made with the 2 inch cabone ring, and the pattern is by Doni Speigle and it is free. Her blog is Whiskers and Wool. Lots of cute free patterns.
  3. Thank you, I am frank out if my edges do not line up.... "A" type personality issues, LOL!!!!
  4. amhmsh

    Toadstool Boy

    Beautiful work!!!
  5. My very first tree skirt! Made from stash yarn, which made my Hubby VERY happy, LOL!!!
  6. amhmsh


    Cute little ghost, love him!!! Pattern by Michele Wilcox
  7. Hi, sorry if this is a dumb question, but I cannot find the list of swaps anywhere????
  8. Happy Memorial Day to all who have served, past and present.
  9. amhmsh

    Striped Giraffe

    So CUTE!!!! I love Giraffe!!!
  10. I got the pattern from ebay, it is called Crochet Kitty. I search under amigurumi.
  11. Please meet "Pookie". I made her for a friends Birthday. It was well received! LOL, she called me the minute she opened the box; it was so cute. She was beside herself, and kept saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh"! I am thrilled she liked her!
  12. amhmsh

    Crochet Clock

    Thanks again, this was really fun to create!
  13. OMG, he is adorable!!! Love his hat!
  14. amhmsh

    Crochet Clock

    Thank you for all the lovely compliments!!!
  15. amhmsh

    Crochet Clock

    Mine is 12inches round, excluding the scalloped edge, made with worsted weight cotton (peaches N creme) and hot glued to a 3mm thick piece of backer board. I purchased the hands and movement from my local Michaels. All in all, including the price of the pattern, total cost less than $15.00. Extremely easy, my DH cut out the backer board, but I did the rest!!!
  16. Clock I recently crocheted......pattern by CrocheTime at Etsy!!! Yes it really works!!!
  17. I made this for my Mother for Valentines day, she really liked it!
  18. Hi, my name is Michele, and I am guilty of "WIP"ing. I so need this support group, lol. I would love to join in with you all. I could probably go the entire year and still not finish up all my poor neglected wips.
  19. Thank you for the kind words everyone!! I appreciate it!!!
  20. I used the firmer green one:hook
  21. Thank you! No the back is all double crochet and the edging is 2 rounds of single crochet. I cannot for the life of me do a reverse single crochet, it always looks Horrible!!!!
  22. amhmsh

    A Cactus !

    Good looking cactus!!
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