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    I enjoy crotching and LOVE the band Pearl Jam!!!
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    Pearl jam concerts, reading, crocheting, watching baseball
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    Baby Afghans
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    1974 ( I think)
  1. Thx for the chance and congrats to rscowtown!!
  2. Very pretty--love the colors! Consider me entered. Oh ... my all time favorite band is Pearl Jam so yeah..I am destined to win!! hahaaha!! Thanks for the chance!!
  3. I really like that!!! Looks like a LOT of work!!
  4. Very nice. That reminds me ... I still have to get one of those doo-hickeys!!!
  5. My local City Hall was decorated with crochet last week. I believe it was an art project of the local high schools....hope you enjoy!
  6. I made that for a baby also last summer!! I used pinks and green....never did get a thank you note. gosh. i posted a pic somewhere in the' ville.... Yours is beautiful
  7. so Beautiful!!!!! Thanks for sharing
  8. Lizard

    Navajo baby ghan

    I did not measure but it is roughly 4'x4' and I used baby yarns and 1 simply soft. Used left over yarns. I would have been better if I used all the same weight but I still like it! Thx!
  9. Lizard

    Navajo baby ghan

    You will find it on the internet if you search "crochet navajo pattern"
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