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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I think your finished work of art must be so worth all of the aggravation!
  2. Beautiful work. The scarf is spectacular!
  3. Welcome! Crochet is a wonderful hobby and there is so much new to explore. I've been crocheting for almost 40 yrs and I'm learning new things all the time.
  4. Janie

    my scarf

    Very pretty! There are so many on Ravelry; I'm wondering, what is the pattern called? Thanks.
  5. Your daughter looks just lovely in your lovely handiwork!
  6. Welcome back, Lee. Hope you can get here, often. It's such an inspiration to visit the 'Ville!
  7. I'm looking for patterns to crochet clothes for the 15" American Girl baby doll, called "Bitty". Does anyone know of a source?
  8. That's beautiful, your niece is a lucky girl!
  9. Janie

    Trellis yarn

    I have not made a necklace, yet... My SIL gave me a necklace she bought at a Craft Fair and I love it. So, I did a lot of searching on the web and found some info. I just purchased some of the yarn and beads so that I can make some for gifts. You will find some directions on how to make these, here:http://http://justanotherhangup.blogspot.com/2012/04/trellis-necklace-tutorial.html Hope this helps.
  10. Very pretty, you've been busy! Well done!
  11. They're all beautiful! Nice work!
  12. Hello, Richard and welcome from upstate New York!
  13. Janie

    Pony Purse

    What a wonderful horse, you did a great job!
  14. I purchased a pattern from the shop on Crochet Me, recently. I'm having a problem because as soon as I began to read through it, I discovered, what may be, an error. I'm not sure if it's just me, or if something is missing from the pattern. Anyway, I emailed the Customer Service as was indicated on the site. That was 9 days ago and I'm going nuts, waiting for a reply... Has anyone else had experience with Crochet Me Customer Service? Any suggestions? I realize they're probably just busy, but I really want to start this project (for which I bought some pricey yarn). It's a gift, so I it's
  15. Pretty scarf and thanks for sharing a great tutorial. The link didn't work, so I copy & pasted it.
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