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    Jane Woolley
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    Married 34+ yrs, 3 grown children & 4 grandchildren
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    Beautiful Greenwich, NY
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    I love crochet, cooking & many other crafts. I especially love spending time with my family.
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    Children's Sweaters, baby things, & felting purses, hats, scarves, etc...
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    off & on since 1972

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  1. I don't know if I'm posting this in the appropriate forum....but, I have several squares that I would like to donate. They are made of Red Heart Super Saver yarn and I also have a couple of balls of that to donate, as well. I began making some squares a couple of years back from a sampler type book of patterns. I need to purge some of my stash ASAP. Is there anyone who might like to have these. I'm more than happy to mail them to someone. Please let me know. Thanks a bunch!
  2. This post is a great idea! I started my blog....well, maybe that's an overstatement..actually I named it and I can get to it, but there's nothing on it . I'm in desperate need of help...thanks so much for the info!
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