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  1. woolcat

    Mushroom Cake

    Wow! How cute!! The mushroom remembers me on supermario-game.
  2. I made my first Gabu!! :clap It was so easy and it came out so cute, thank you once again for this pattern, I am sure, it wasn´t my last Gabu!
  3. Thank you for the pattern, they are great!!!
  4. woolcat

    The Noggins

    How cute! I love the eyes of the blue one!!
  5. A cute and wonderful idea to remember your moms love for this bon-bons!
  6. Hey coool......now there is life again in this cal...great!!:clap:clap JenB your teddy is very cute. Great idea, to make him look like he´s wearing jeans and a sweater!! Irikel your teddy is a real cutie too, I like the clothings! I made one more for my mother. Including his ears he is 9cm tall. (click)
  7. Thank you all very much, I am glad, that you like it!!
  8. Thank you all very much!! At the moment the pattern is written in german and with my own shortcuts....I think, nobody can read this... :D Further I am not sure, that I can translate in from german into english...so that it will be work...
  9. Wow!! Your Garfield is adorable!! I love Garfield!! You did a great job! :clap
  10. The inspiration for this mouse was a little stuffed plushy mouse, sitting on a red heart with a little heart of chees in her hand. My husband bought me this mouse and I wanted to crochet something like that......so its all my own design and I am proud, how cute it became. (click) I think, it wasn´t the last stuffed animal, I use to crochet .
  11. Wow, a cute idea! I love the turtle and the tote looks great!
  12. A great gift for a chocolate-fan!! You did a great job making them, they look fantastic!!
  13. Today I finished an icebear, tried a pattern I found here: http://www.craftbits.com/viewProject.do?projectID=1694 It came out bigger than the one from the pattern, my bear is 14cm tall sitting, and 21cm when standing. (click)
  14. Hey cool, I like all your Squigglys!!
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