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  1. I have spun Samoyed fluff, right from the clouds instead of carding. I did try to run it through my drum carder but it ended up being easier to just hold bunches of it in my lap and spin it into a woolen yarn. Here is what I ended up with: http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=6984860
  2. Holy cow, you have some amazing spinning skills! I just can't spin that fine, it completely escapes me! You=Super Talented!
  3. Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments! I've already started a second pair, I think this just might keep me occupied for some time! The yarn is my own handpainted, the pattern that I used is here: http://www.wovenspun.com/fp_veesocks.htm Goes together really fast, I had these done in less than 24 hours.
  4. I have given up on learning how to knit socks for the time being. The idea of knitting socks makes me want to cry. And since working with yarn is supposed to be a happy thing, I decided that socks could be crocheted and off I went! They are ridiculously comfortable! http://fabulosityyarn.wordpress.com/2008/01/22/socks-are-done/
  5. Woot! Look what the lovely halesje sent me!!!! Six skeins of Knitpicks wool and a whole bag of roving to spin and dye! Also, she somehow knew that I have been wanting the Stephen King book Cycle of the Werewolf for YEARS now! She also sent lovely scented lotion! Thank you SO much! Wow! What a awesome package!
  6. SO pretty! I would be tempted to keep it for myself! :)
  7. Well, they must be marching their way west because I got mine today! Mr. Brown was the color and you know, it's really gorgeous! I am plesantly surprised!
  8. I got my squares in the mail today! (November 16) Oh my gosh! They are so beautiful! I finally get why this is such an awesome swap because while you may get sick of making all the squares (like I did at about square number 32) in the end it is so exciting to see all the amazing work that everyone else did! Thanks again Melissa for organizing this and thank you to all those whose squares I received!
  9. Thanks! No, I didn't do anything special with the ends. I told my friend that they would get fuzzy over time and she was fine with it. I had offered to tie knots on the ends of the fringe but she didn't want it to look that way. So yes, over time I'm sure the fringe will get fuzzy but hopefully won't split too much!
  10. It was! The fringe is actually what took so long. Still, the outcome was well worth the time spent and I'm glad I stuck with it!
  11. I did it! A dear friend of mine asked me to make her a shawl (a BIG one, 3 yards wide!) and I am victorious! I used a Lion Brand Pattern that I found on their website, Lion Brand Homespun yarn in black and corinthian and crocheted with a N hook. Here is the link to my blog post about it, and the photos here are also clickable. http://hayworthinc.blogspot.com/2005/11/amazing-shawl-project.html I had so much fun making it for her once I figured out what the heck I was doing! Now her friend wants one! Before Christmas!
  12. Wooohooooo! Awesome job Melissa! Go put your feet up!
  13. Call me crazy, but I am ridiculously excited to see a photo of all those squares before you start sorting!
  14. No kidding Mel! We Montana crocheters need that free yarn too! My friend in Florida got a skein she said she'd send me, it's brown. So I'm assuming if she's getting that color we will be too?
  15. A friend of mine recently lost her baby boy after 34 weeks of pregnancy. Many of my friends and I have been asked to submit some 12 inch squares for a comfortghan for her and another friend of mine is going to put them together to give to her. Thing is, is that a lot of my friends don't crochet or knit, they quilt. So the comfortghan squares aren't as plentiful as the quilted ones. Is anyone interested in donating a couple squares to this project? I've never made this kind of request before so if I'm breaking the rules here let me know! I have made four squares for her out of worsted weight acrylic yarn per the request of the lady who will be putting the afghan together. The colors don't matter, we just want to do something for her at this time. Drop me a pm or email at rindercelly@hotmail.com if you are interested in helping!
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