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    ive known since i was a teenager but really since 2006
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    dont' have any yet
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  1. Leticia

    Snowflake Mondays 2009

    Hey ladies, sorry ive been MIA this past month. I haven't been getting online much since my husband deployed last month. I'm just getting into a bit of a routine without him, trying to keep busy. I'm going to try and catch up this week. We'll see how far i get with a three year old at my heels. Well i just wanted to pop in and say hi, and that i'm still here and willing to get my flakes done:D
  2. I have seen these as well, they are sold in stores, and are not crochet. My friend uses them to hold barrets for babies...the ribbon used is VERY stretchy as it can fit from a baby to an adult.
  3. Leticia

    Snowflake Mondays 2009

    Thank you, Yes all i did was leave out the second row.
  4. Leticia

    Snowflake Mondays 2009

    Here are mine for this week. I did the white one as per the pattern and on the red one i did it a tiny bit different.
  5. Leticia

    Snowflake Mondays 2009

    thanks ladies...i hope i can keep up:D
  6. Leticia

    Snowflake Mondays 2009

    HI, I didn't know if I was gonna join until last night when i did the first snowflake..hehe here they are. The red one is for my mom, she decided this past Christmas she wanted a red themed tree so i thought she would like some red snowflakes.
  7. Leticia

    Crochet tea set

    http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16860175 I think this is the one you are talking about....looks like she hasn't posted any more, but i'm sure if you convo her she will put some up or she'll put more up soon.
  8. Leticia

    Anyone Near Downey, Ca

    awwww I wish i were back home...i would so meet you! My grandma lives in Downey.
  9. Leticia

    preemie booties...

    http://debscrafts55.blogspot.com/2008/02/open-heeled-preemie-booties.html these are the best booties every...the heel is open to allow the wires and stuff through...i wish i had this pattern when my daughter was born since she was never able to wear booties because they didn't fit over the wires.
  10. Leticia

    Any Size Bracelet

    cute looks like the scarf i made my daughter:D
  11. Leticia

    Warm and Soft afghan (picture added)

    awww i'm not allowed either
  12. Leticia

    What did I get myself into?

    useing a bigger hooks helps me...so long as my corners look good i don't care...lol
  13. I bought my daughter this little inexpensive flashlight for Halloween. I know i hate having to hold too many things while trick or treating, so i decided to make a holder to go around her neck so she can still use it and not have to use up any hands for it. She's going to be Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty so i made it in pink to match:D Picture is clickable
  14. Leticia

    How to make a circle stay flat

    i use the first few rounds of a hat, in increasing part...seems to work well for me!