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  1. Your photo is nice and clear and stitches look ok to me, except the decrease bumps, but......When you say you wrap yarn under the hook, take a look here https://www.planetjune.com/blog/yarn-over-vs-yarn-under-in-crochet/ and see which of those you are doing. Otherwise your description of how you're decreasing sounds ok to me. When I get a chance I'll try to swatch a little and see if any other ideas occur to me. Plenty of Villers are into amigurumi, and plenty are better than me at analyzing individual stitches, so you should get other replies soon
  2. can you describe exactly how you're doing the decrease? also there's a site called PlanetJune that has extensive info about techniques for amigurumi, I suggest you look around there for decrease info.
  3. Do you have a label for the thread? The bottom pic in your latest post looks kind of fuzzy, like it might have wool content. It is important to know the fiber content, that's why I ask about the label. Irish crochet is usually done with cotton thread, or you could use linen thread. To me the plant fiber threads are more "obedient", the stitches stay where I put them. Animal fibers like wool have more body and springiness and for me they don't make such neat stitches. Also if you used a .75mm hook, then the thread seems to be extremely fine. Slightly heavier (thicker) t
  4. Ok so you are making an L shape . You've completed one leg of the L. Now you will work along the side of that piece to create the second leg of the L. Just rotate the first piece so you can stitch down the side of it. It's the same as starting a border on an afghan, you work back along the side edge. If you'd prefer, you could also fasten off on the first piece, then make another exactly like it, then sew the two together to create the L.
  5. Hi, welcome to the Ville! i looked at your attachment and will try to answer your question. But please be aware that by posting the entire pattern, you are violating its copyright and the guidelines of crochetville. It's ok to post a bit of a pattern to discuss it but not big chunks of it or the whole thing. Only the person who holds the copyright can distribute the pattern. I'll be right back...
  6. I belatedly realized i didn't really say what I meant to---Your pieces actually look pretty great for not being blocked yet! the main thing is to keep practicing!
  7. magiccrochetfan


    I'm posting the etsy link for reference https://www.etsy.com/listing/702402642/crochet-bralette-pattern-crochet-top?ref=shop_home_feat_4 So looking at Granny Square's photo, this part is the top of the pineapple. So it seems like there is not an error in the pattern.
  8. Hi, welcome to the Ville your pieces really don't look bad. You may need to use a slightly smaller hook. To get the look we usually see in lace such as doilies requires a tight tension, and that takes practice. Doilies and the like also need to be blocked, which can be as simple as getting the item thoroughly damp and laying it out to dry, patting it into place. Or more complex involving starch and many pins to shape it precisely. I'd say to get yours wet, gently squeeze out excess water, then carefully lay them out to dry, putting them in the shape you want. I bet they'll look a wh
  9. You are in the right spot! Welcome to the Ville
  10. magiccrochetfan


    That is pretty, it would make a nice edging if repeated, or some kind of fastener as is.
  11. magiccrochetfan


    Is Bonnie the name of the pattern? Please link to the pattern if it's free online, or tell us where the pattern is located.
  12. In addition to their site, as Reni posted, they're on facebook so you might look there. I don't think this would work for checking your speed. Pressing the counter button would only slow you down, and it looks like it doesn't keep track of time . Instead you could set a timer for a set time, say one or two minutes, and crochet as much as possible then when timer goes off, count your stitches.
  13. Thanks Reni! I might have it, will have to look for it in a bit.
  14. What book is the pattern in?
  15. It's a pattern that can be frustrating in my opinion, it is intricate and wordy. If you're on Ravelry or want to sign up on it, look at project pics there, that may help you see the details as some people post really clear pics. It would help a lot imo if the pattern included more pictures but it doesn't. And if you post a photo here of yours maybe we can help figure out the problem. Or at least describe exactly where it is that you run into problems on 49, then people who have the pattern may be able to help.
  16. Good morning, Granny Square! What brand is the blue hook? It looks like it's made of plastic, is that right? I am thinking the I have seen one like that somewhere, maybe one I vaguely remember my mom having 50 years ago,which i might still have if only i could remember where it's stored 😂 But maybe I remember it because you've posted a pic of it before ! Oh I se we're posting together again! :waving:
  17. I think these decorative designs would be pretty popular, they are eye-catching and quite unique. Maybe the 5 inch hook would be perfect for someone, you never know, as no two people have exactly the same hands and exactly the same way of holding the hook. As far as the looks, I LOVE the captive ring one---that kind of thing always makes me think about how it could have been made, it seems like magic 😆 Also the ones with a lot of contrast in the colors, the walnut and ash one is so pretty! and the one in the middle that has the 3 lines around it. You know what just popped int
  18. Are you following a pattern? Tell us which one, or if not using a pattern what kind of stitch are you using? The most important thing is to keep the same number of sts on every row, so be sure to count your stitches on the latest row.
  19. There is not really a hole. You are just working into the top of the stitch. You could mark the stitch before you start stitching into it. Use a bobby pin, piece of yarn , or you can buy locking stitch markers made for marking crochet.
  20. Your hooks and holder are really pretty, the colors and grains of the woods you used. What are the numbers written on them, is it the mm size?
  21. The first part is telling you how to work it along the side. You are stitching into the end stitches of the rows.
  22. I think if you take a rectangle and hem the short edges to make a tunnel for a ribbon to go thru, you will get a semicircle gathered effect. The rectangle will have to be just the right length to fit on the shoulders a bit snugly. You could make a doll sized one to see if it works. As for the stitch pattern, I don't know what it is. You can find tons of pretty ones in a stitch dictionary, maybe check out a book from your local library.
  23. This etsy has a few gathered stoles https://www.etsy.com/shop/BarbsDaughterDesigns?section_id=19539579 i would guess that shape s a rectangle.
  24. You're welcome, Eve. Your pic looks great!
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