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  1. Do you have a way to contact the friend who made the original? Maybe they could remember how they did it or where the pattern is from.
  2. ^ what everybody else said! The elegant simplicity of the design/stitch pattern/color
  3. If it is this one https://www.favecrafts.com/Crochet-Hat-Patterns/Grey-Slouchie-Beanie its worked bottom up, so no, I don't believe you should be increasing.
  4. have you tried doing what you thought would work?
  5. It means that on rounds ten through fourteen, you will make a stitch into every stitch of the previous round. You should have thirty eight stitches in each round.
  6. Oh, ok! It just means to make an hdc in each chain. I guess the word across really doesn't add any info to the sentence really, come to think of it, but you can think of it as working "across" the row. Edit to add...here's a quick reference on reading patterns https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards/how-to-read-crochet-pattern notice it uses this wording. It's pretty common in patterns, so now when you see it again it will be familiar
  7. Are you confused about where it says (50 st)? That is just telling you how many stitches you've made in the row, so you can count and make sure you are on track.
  8. Hi Mary Jo! I didn't see your post as I was typing.
  9. It's a row counter. https://www.yarnspirations.com/susan-bates-universal-knit-counter/14237.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-IiD9Pa66AIViY7ICh0JPgg2EAQYDiABEgITUvD_BwE probably meant to use with knitting needles due to the ring which would go on a knitting needle. I think you turn the red part to count . Google How to use knitting row counter, and you can probably find how to use this type. I think it's easier to just count my rows and place a marker every so many rows. You can buy markers or just use a piece of yarn. (I'm sure I'd forget to turn or click a counter and have to h
  10. well, that is weird wording. is this the pattern? https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lenny-the-bunny
  11. A "turning" chain is made to get a row or round started. Its purpose is to provide height. Beginning a round with this extra chain doesn't mean you have to "turn the work" at the end of the round, although you might. You typed "close to round", but I assume it should be "close the round", is that correct?
  12. GrannySquare, I so enjoy reading your posts! You are a wealth of information and your posts are always well thought out. As you've commented, we often post at almost the same time and frequently say pretty much the same thing. However I think you usually say whatever it is more clearly and with more detail, and i have learned from you over the years we have known each other on here (and Ravelry). I hope everybody who posts on Crochetville realizes that there's a whole range of experience and opinions in the world of crocheting. All the way from some of us "vintage" crocheters, to pe
  13. It's a recap of what you've made in the row, so you can count and be sure you're on track. If you need further explanation please tell us the name and location of the pattern.
  14. Hi Em, more info on the specific pattern and yarn would help with answers. If it's not a very fitted item, I'd probably just start with the 5mm and see how it looks. If it's more fitted, Hopefully the pattern gives a gauge so you can swatch.
  15. Heather, in all seriousness, I think what you're struggling with is the colors themselves, which do look pretty Easter eggy to me....even the green is like the faux grass put into baskets. My first thought to diminish that effect is to add a lot of white. Looked at projects on ravelry and most did look eastery and or dated to me. One standout though was a project of the pattern https://www.etsy.com/listing/743935317/arabella-crochet-afghan-pattern Which, bingo, used white for the background. If you don't want to get that ornate you could maybe do simpler squares of the Balance alternatin
  16. 😁 LOVE this! nothing I'll see online today will make me smile more than your post! Yes, yes, yes!!!! (Emoji with hat and scarf because it is snowing here today)
  17. when you look at your own post, you should see at the bottom a couple of boxes including edit and delete. if delete doesn't work you can try edit, which may require you to leave something in the post, so you could just type 'deleted' there. I don't know if you can delete the thread title or if so, how to do it.
  18. Oops, I'm sorry! I misunderstood your post. Sorry about that!
  19. Hi Granny Square! Agree 100% with all you said.
  20. It's going to get confusing if you post different parts of your question in different threads. Really I suggest you delete this post and come back to your previous thread!
  21. Sure, you can make a fine blanket by just using dc. When I posted, I started to say "or if you're not using a pattern, tell us what stitch(es) you're using". We need more info though, so post a clear photo of it or if that's not possible, tell us more...how exactly is it wavy?
  22. Hi Mary Jo, did you mean to post a link?
  23. You'll need to be more specific. If you can post a clear photo of your blanket so far, that will help. Also tell us the name and location of the pattern.
  24. I think there are three rows of single crochet, then a row of double crochet mesh, that is one dc, chain one, skip one stitch , dc in next stitch. Next row is all dc, and at the end you thread red ribbon through the dc stitches. Next row is dc mesh. Then three more sc rows. Might not be exact, but would look very similar I think, based on what I can tell from the photo.
  25. Why do you say it can't be right? Your pic shows it made through round four, right? Go ahead with the next round , trust the pattern do not second guess it and if you really think it looks wrong, post a pic of that round also. Its confusing that you've started multiple threads for the same pattern. I suggest you delete your other post that asks About the same round but has no photo. otherwise you may get replies in both places and it'll just be more confusing.
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