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  1. Welcome to Crochetville! that sounds like a very interesting pattern, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. There is a very good tutorial on posting pictures here. It is in the Town Hall section, under Crochetville FAQ and how to. When you open that, it is the first topic: Pictorial Photobucket guide to adding clickable thumbnails. There is a limit to the size of photo you can post here, so the clickable thumbnail takes the viewer to a full size picture.
  2. I googled for crochet +"ear flaps" and a lot came up. Here's one with 2 strands of worsted and a P hook http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/projects/proj_helmet_1299.html
  3. The type of yarn would depend on what the finished item is to be...for example thread for a doily, fingering for a sweater, dk for a baby blanket, worsted for an afghan, would be possible. If a square is pretty, I will usually think of a lot of different ways to use it.
  4. That's very nice. Thanks for sharing it! I love the pretty doilies in the photos. (People will probably start trying to figure out where to find the patterns for them )
  5. Have you tried using patterns that include stitch diagrams? Like this http://grannys-garret.com/symbol_crochet/symbol_crochet.html Resources for this include: Robyn Chachula's new book Blueprint Crochet is all diagrams Crochet Today magazine uses lots of diagrams I beleive Interweave Crochet magazine uses some diagrams
  6. One's hand is a little bigger below the thumb, so the increase may be for that. This sounds like a good idea.
  7. OK, I see what you mean, my idea was not so great I do think you are just supposed to stitch over the gap. You'll have 2 rows of the 19 stitches then on the 3rd row you'll jump the gap and do the full row. You could improvise by doing the 19 stitches, then stop and fasten off there. Then start back at the beginning and do a full row over the short row. I know in some patterns short rows are done as a single row like that. It would tend to make it a smoother transition, but it won't add as much dimension as doing the return short row. Can you tell what the purpose of the short ro
  8. Hi and welcome to Crochetville! I looked at the pattern and I can't tell exactly what the shaping is doing. but I finally realized, I think, that you are actually supposed to do only 1 short row. At first i thought it was 3 short rows, but then it dawned on me that possibly only the row right after where it says "short row shaping" is the short row. (hope that makes sense!) If you just do the one short row, then do the rows all the way to the end, does that work better? The row where it says to tighten the stitch would be the row in which you come back over the end of the short row.
  9. Those are beautiful! Very interesting shaping in both of them. I'm always attracted to squares and diamonds, so I really like the 2nd one. The center square is intriguing, it has me thinking to figure out how that was done.....and the little flower shapes in the triangles are very pretty. If you decide to remake it and don't want to use white, i think pale yellow would look good. Thanks for sharing your work:hook
  10. Aloha from frigid Missouri! Hawai'i is my favorite place in the world, wish I were there now. :dreaming Welcome to Crochetville!
  11. And of course there is this thread http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1573318#poststop about Ravelry.....
  12. For finding the CFOMs on Ravelry, go to the pages tab on the Crochet on Ravelry group, and you will see "list of winners', click on that and you can see all winners from the first one in Feb 08 thru Aug 08. I personally would not vote for doing anything similar here at the Ville. I think the CFOM/Y is good on Ravelry, because there is so little show-and-tell type of thing on Rav. But here there is an excellent show-and-tell section. I don't think there needs to be any element of competition added to that.
  13. You're welcome, hope you get the info you need! I know what you mean, it does seem weird to cross between the 2 sites, but yesterday, in response to a post on Rav, I linked to a CAL discussion here that had lots of info. So I do think they can enhance each other.
  14. I still feel pretty new at Ravelry, but I've had PM conversations with a few people there--as well as here. I think most people would be happy to get a PM asking for advice based on how good their project looks, and would not consider it an intrusion. Of course, you never know, i could be wrong! Oh, I just thought...another way to contact them: you could add a post to your thread on Rav, and say something like, I've looked at the projects by X and Y and want my sock to look like theirs, include their usernames and do the magic link thing and they will get a PM to let them know they've
  15. I agree with Yarnluver, that those are not actually crocheted even though labeled as crochet. I'm sure you can use ribbon to crochet something that will look great, it just will not look exactly like that headband.
  16. Hi Laura. I'm not too much help as I don't have that book. I looked at the projects on Ravelry, boy there is a big difference between the ones people have made. the blue and the green ones appear to have at least 10-12 rows there and the red one maybe 6. did you try PMing the people on Rav who've made it to ask them about it? is there errata for the book on the publisher's website?
  17. I always feel like I am fighting with Peaches and Creme. It's OK for small items like a dishcloth, but that's about my limit with it. It just seems to resist being drawn through the loops. I was given a hook with a bamboo handle, i think it's a G, and that darn handle just gets in my way!
  18. Nice hat! and I love the color:hook
  19. I'm another person who seems to have less hand pain with smaller hooks. And the one yarn that will really make my hand hurt is worsted weight cotton like Peaches and Cream. (the new-ish Creme de la Creme seemed much better to me.) I don't think I change my grip when I change sizes. If I have pain it's usually my thumb and index finger, wrist too sometimes I think. I use pencil hold. The idea of the larger motions causing the problem has occurred to me too. Which way do you hold your hook? Do you use your ring and little finger on the hook?
  20. That's really pretty, I'm sure she'll love it:hook
  21. Those are all beautiful, so intricate! thanks for sharing:hook
  22. Birdlady, good find! that's a cute little guy:hook
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