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  1. National Spinning Company - located in Washington, NC - has sold the Caron division to the Canadian Spinrite company. That means Caron Simply Soft and the One-Pounders will slowing drift away and might even become part of Bernat. How sad ! I used to work for this company years ago, and enjoyed it. I got into a position which allowed me to see all the aspects of how the yarn is manufactured from start to finish including the dying. Now the company is almost gone - laying off 120 employees - only leaving about 40 there. Fair warning - Buy up all the Caron Simply Soft you can!!! You can read it here.
  2. Years ago Walmart had this pattern. A lady at work gave the pattern to me. So hard to find the face, hands for the doll. I doubt if I will use the pattern. Let me see if I can find it again.
  3. I am searching for the Double Wedding Ring Afghan pattern by Katherine Eng. I think it was in the June 1993 issue of Crochet World. Would be willing to buy the magazine if anyone wants to sell. Thanks!
  4. The Red Heart site has a free ebook with 25 beautiful afghans. You can download here.
  5. Try this link - http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/double.html All I did was a search for her name. I hope that works for you! Good Luck!!!
  6. I looked at my local Walmart today. No magazine - not in the craft section or with the other magazines. Someone said Barnes and Noble has them too online. I have to wait until the end of the month to check again.
  7. I will have to visit my local Walmart. I did not know they carry crochet magazines. I have not seen any in my Walmart but will look. Thanks!
  8. Looking for something similar to the Lancaster Quilt shown in Crochet Today Nov/Dec 2011 issue.
  9. Does anyone know where I can buy the Nov/Dec 2011 issue of Crochet Today? I tried their website but the current issue is not available to purchase - not that I could see. Will be willing to pay for the magazine & shipping. Thanks Ladies!!
  10. Try looking for Snow Queen Shawl. This is very similar & the closest I could find. I have been looking for over a year and no luck on the pattern. I admire Lucyf for her endeavors. If only I had such talent. I need a pattern to make anything. Please remember the blanket looks like it was done on a diagonal. Starting with one shell, then two shells, etc until you reach the width then decreasing all the way down to one shell- then the border is added.
  11. Happy Stitcher - Crochet! Fall 2010 Celebrate the Season
  12. I am making these boots now. Am stuck on the upper part. The directions are not clear to me. Could you help?
  13. Can anyone lead me to the directions for a hooded scarf or scoodie pattern? I don't want the pointed tip on the hood - more rounded. Maybe made in one piece or two. Thanks Ladies!!
  14. Thanks for the link RoseRed. Also, jeraphillips thanks for the link - that is awfully close to what everyone is looking for. Maybe during Christmas break I will give it a try!
  15. Does anyone know where I could find some patterns to crochet clothes for a Revlon 18" doll? She is a large version figured like a Barbie. Thanks Ladies!
  16. She is so sweet and precious just as she is!!!! I love the long hair. Any girl would be happy to have her own angel.
  17. If you are looking for a large pineapple shawl pattern, here is a free one. Good Luck!!!!
  18. Just a suggestion. Use an empty Pringle's can and make a lighthouse. Crochet the body in black and white, then make the top out of plastic canvas so you can see thru it. Or if you know how to knit, there is a free dishcloth pattern for a lighthouse. Also check for free dishcloth patterns with seashells, starfish, etc anything pertaining to the ocean theme.
  19. I can't find this book you are taking about. Seems that Ondori makes several books. Could you lead me in the right direction so I can find this? Thanks!
  20. some1uno

    I need help!

    I sent you a pm (private message).
  21. Lucyf, That is just gorgeous!!!! and looks like what I am looking for. I will wait for the pattern. Keep me on your list when it is published - I want to be one of the first recipients. Thanks so much for your efforts!!!!!
  22. The problem with me is that I need a written pattern to do. I am not good at figuring out the stitches by myself. Someone got pretty close to making this pattern but backed out of posting the instructions because she thought she was infinging on the copyright law. She posted a picture but now that is gone too.
  23. I really appreciate everyone's help but none of these suggestions resolve finding the shell pattern. I have looked and searched using as many key words as possible, searched Leisure Arts, contacted designers, even searched for "9dc shell", searched Ebay, Etsy, and other crochet sites. This pattern must be a guarded secret since I do not seem to find it anywhere!!!!! I think this pattern was trying to be found several years ago with no luck. I even contacted the person who posted the picture (which I cannot post here) and the response was that it is her mother's pattern which is not available. I will keep looking - - - one day I might get lucky.
  24. I can get the first shell OK. My shells are 9 dc and the next row a dc in the back loop of each of the 9dc. I'm not sure how many chains to place in between my row having 2 shells - it seems to be pulling tight. I also need a (dc, ch1, dc) on the ends to make an edging for a ribbon to run thru. I was trying to make it triangular (pointed) to a certain width and then decrease back down to 1 shell and finish off with a nice edging all around. The pictures I have seen cannot be posted here - I tried that and they got removed so it is hard for me to explain what I want to do. Thanks for your help - you did get me started and that's a big event for me! I have rattled my brain enough.
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