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  1. How are you starting the afgan - using the lighter color or the darker color. I started making this using RH Burgundy and Aran - I started with the Burgundy and my afghan looks odd to me. I just can't see the heart design! I have read all these posts and looked at photos but still don't see the design. And the photos look like the afghan is turned bottom up. Help!
  2. I think you just made two granddaughters very happy! Now if I just find the time to make them before Christmas! Thanks! You are truly blessed with creativity!
  3. Write the pattern down because I definitely want a copy!
  4. Whoever designs the ferret pattern - I would like to have a copy!!!
  5. My Gosh!!! I think NC has the most members. I am from the original Washington on the Pamlico River about 15 miles SE of Greenville, NC home of ECU Pirates. I am a migrated yankee! Was born in NYC, lived in NJ and moved to NC in 1968. Love it here!
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