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  1. I have tried to teach myself to knit because I want to make a sweater. I just can not get it. I feel so clumsy with two needles. Maybe if someone could show me or I took a class I might be able to figure it out....
  2. Thank you to the FGM who sent me the hand painted coffee mug from Austria along with the yarn and the egg for the my daughter. I just got it today!!!! I had to pick it up at the post office. Thank you SO much!
  3. Thank you to the elf in Canada who sent a shawl for my daughter, some stickers for my daughter and some coffee for me!!! Also, thanks to ANOTHER elf who sent me some stationary! Right in time to send out some thank you notes for my daughter's birthday gifts!
  4. Coffee - I love really strong coffee. Especially Starbucks but your favorite would be great! Some nice yarn like an organic cotton. I want to make really nice scarves for Christmas gifts. 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans (book) A homemade shawl for my 2 year old DD. Something in girl colors! Stationary or thank you notes Any lowfat dessert recipes Anything from Bath and Body Works
  5. Thanks for the compliments ladies! Renee - that bites the big one about yur bag!
  6. Hi all! I am looking for a great pattern for a baby blanket. I would like something that is worked in one piece. I am not that great at attaching things together yet... I have looked at a ton of free patterns but what I was hoping for is that you could tell me one of your favorite patterns. Thanks! Carrie
  7. Thanks! I think I am going to try the tunisian!!!
  8. I think I sent too little too. I am wondering where you ladies find all this stuff!!! I know my swap partner should be getting her goodies soon and I just hope that she likes them.
  9. I am attempting to make my first piece of clothing fo rmy daughter. I have all the parts made but now it says to sew them together. That is it. Do I use thread and do a whipstich? Any advice? Thanks! Carrie
  10. Hi!!! I am originally from NJ and lived in Mount Olive for a while!!! Welcome!
  11. A late thank you to my FG who sent me some yarn!!! On the same day I also got some stickers for my daughter which she LOVES!!!!! Thank you FG for making me smile!
  12. I got a huge package from Angelfire. To say I was moved is an understatment. We are in the middle of a huge legal battle over the proceeds of our home (realtor is claiming we owe her money) and I was really starting to not like people. Low and behold the mailman knocks on my door and there is a wonderful box. Not only did I get some hooks and a handmade hook case, I also got a pendant cutter, a notions holder with sissors, measuring tape and a few more hooks, some stirchmarkers and something to keep them in, coffee (my absolute favorite from Starbucks), a coffee mug, two pattern books, Ariel stickers for my daughter, Ariel sticker book, an Ariel purse (which she will not put down), Ariel jewlery and some nifty yarn. It was perfect timing. I must say that I hope that my gifts are half as good as hers were. Thank you!
  13. ***! I got a package from my fairy god mother! I am shocked because I figured I am just so new on the boards that I really was not expecting anything. We are just about to leave for NJ (3 hour drive) but I had to pop on and say thank you for the two hooks, the stickers for my daughter (which she loves!!!) the little purse for my daughter, the special package for my purse and the two balls for my cat! Thank you so much!!!!!
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