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  1. Father's day is around the corner, Dad!
  2. If you are working in single crochet stitches (sc) only, then you can use ordinary graph paper. SC stitches are nearly square. You have my sympathy, for your loss.
  3. Tapestry crochet uses two, or more, colors in each row. You change colors for each stitch within the rows and carry the unused colors along, inside the stitches. Mosaic crochet uses only one color per row. You make stitches over the previous rows to make the designs in different colors. The other colors are left at the end of their rows to wait to be used again. I have not yet tried the mosaic patterns but they look fascinating. Tapestry will probably always be my favorite for color work, though!
  4. MindyJedi

    Wilton dyes

    No, I guess that was the reason. Thanks for the link too. That is a cool site and the article is perfectly understandable. I am going to try again.
  5. Wearing a thong in Poland? Wow, that sounds really cold!
  6. MindyJedi

    Wilton dyes

    Your yarn turned out beautiful. What kind of Wilton dye did you use. Our local craft, etc. stores only carry one kind; It's main ingredient is sugar/corn syrup. Is this what you are using. I tried ordinary food coloring, and vinegar. It faded, badly, in the first rinse.
  7. You could split worsted. But that seems like a lot of trouble. What I do is simpler. Use size 10 or larger crochet thread in place of sock yarn. It's not as soft as sock yarn, but it works up to a similar gauge. Use size 5 thread if you want a more substantial, or warmer, scarf. Size 3 thread is similar in size to sport weight yarn and will work up even thicker. You can make the finished scarf softer by washing it in the washer and using fabric softener. Then tumble dry it with cool air so that it won't shrink. I hope this helps. Mindy
  8. Absolutely. However I am a bozo when it comes to the computer and sending things through e-mail etc. Any one who wants a chart and a brief description of how I made these can send me a private message, and we will work something out. I'm honored that you like them.
  9. I highly recomend the books by Jane Sneeden Peever (I hope I spelled that correctly.) She does aran style sweaters using front-post stitches. Her descriptions are clear and her patterns rock!
  10. MindyJedi


    What a cutie!
  11. Very cute. I love the spots!
  12. O.k., so it was Memorial Day weekend and hubby and I were eating barbecue with friends. She is a knitter of socks, and he is a brewer of beer. He was complaining that she knits too slowly to make him a beer cozy before he retires. So, I came up with the answer: Crochet! These are worked in Tapestry crochet using worsted cotton. My husband designed the charts for me! My hubby is an Army vet and our friend is active duty Air Force. No Sailors or Marines were represented, so they don't get a groovy charted design!
  13. Maybe they are too ignorant to know about crochet's verstatility. Try this: enter your best sweater in the crochet category then enter a crocheted sweater in as many of the other knitted categories as you can. If they are too stupid to know how versatile crochet is, they may not be able to tell the difference between knitting and crochet. Either way, they're dumb!
  14. I have set aside all my former WIP's in favor of my niece's shrug. She is getting married in December and wants a beaded-crochet shrug with snowflakes. We have been brainstorming on this one for a week now and I think she has come up with a beautiful idea. I think It will take several months to finish. I can't wait to see her in it, even though she's marrying a _______ !
  15. Yeah, that was me! Doesn't the picture look like a cartoon of Jamie?
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