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    Wiggly Crochet

    I have made tivets and I love them! Making the grid is the most tedious part, but I found some already made grid at my fabric store!! It's really a net type fabric, but it works for me. Have fun with this, I love the book called Wiggle crochet!!
  2. I mail things all of the time in a brown 6X8 envelope. It costs about a dollar to mail. You can get the envelopes lots of places including Walgreen and the office stores. You don't need a bubble envelope for this type of item. It costs more to buy and more to mail! Have fun!!
  3. I'm glad that you are back and posting JoAnn!!! I was so worried about you and was wondering how you were. I sent you a card, but it came back that you had closed your PO box. I don't have the answer to your question about the hat, but just wanted to say HI!!!! Have a Merry Christmas!!
  4. There are several types of Christmas yarns at JoAnn. Red Heart is one. I think Bernat is the other. Check there or at JoAnn.com:hook
  5. A big Texas HOWDY from you neighbor in Dallas/Fort Worth!!!!! :cowgirl
  6. This is so fantastic!!! I have always wished I could crochet like knitting. You are a real genius!!!!
  7. That is exactly what I was going to suggest!!! I love this square and you can make it with so many different colors. It would look just like the scarf you saw at TARGET!!!
  8. If the magnetic clip that you saw is the round one used in purses with the tabs sticking out of it, you can use it by putting a firm round piece of fabric (with holes to match up to the tabs) between it and the backpack and fold down the clips that are sticking out to secure it in place. You can also use the woven belting from the trim section (bought by the yard) and use the appropriate back pack closure found on the notions wall to weave the ends of the belting into and sew the ends of the belting to your backpack and it will snap close just like a regular backpack does.
  9. In the USA we call that kind of yarn Red Heart!!! Or, any smooth medium weight yarn used for basic crocheting.
  10. This is just amazing!! Congratulations Brenda!! MO sure seems to be the lucky state!!!! Hmmmmmm...I wonder if a bag will ever go to TEXAS?? We might need a future bag lady here in the Lone Star State!!!! Future thoughts.......
  11. I was thinking that if you were going through her things that you might run across the pattern for this since she was in the process of making these. I also think that I might want to learn from this and always keep my pattern in the bag with my project in case someone has to clean up after me and needs the pattern!!
  12. It doesn't take long to tack them on by hand. You could also put a bead on them as you tack for something shiny and 3 dimentional.
  13. Fleece is make from polyester and will melt if you put a hot iron on it. This is why people have machine embroidery done onto their fleece or sew something on it. I wouldn't use an iron on product such as wonder under on fleece.
  14. I Agree with Rose Red. I have done this before when, in my earlier days, I didn't crochet the same way all the way through. I would go around it with whatever color you want with single crochet first round, then do doubles when it is dipping in to even it up. Just try to use the size stitch you need to even things up, then go around again once or twice to get the end result that is even all around. Use the same color yarn for the borders so it won't be obvious that the stitches are different. Should work out fine.
  15. You can buy fabric glue at JoAnn. Don't use spray adhesive on yarn!!
  16. I bought a sweater pattern last year that I have been wanting to do for myself. I have never made anything like that before, so I have been hesitant to start it. Plus I need to use sport weight yarn for it, and I don't ever use that weight and I would have to go out and buy all new yarn for it. I also would love to have someone help me along because I think I suck at directions. Now that I have covered all of the negativity involved with this, maybe this is the time to start something for MYSELF!!!! I don't even know how I know if this pattern fits me!!! I am clueless on garments...
  17. You might want to know that when each Walmart does its remodel they are getting rid of the fabric section and downsizing the yarn and supplies. It is really pathetic, and since they don't have an employee in that part anymore, they are only going to carry what someone in the head office decides they will carry. It is only basic stuff, nothing new. I don't know why they decided that Red Heart Yarn is what people want, but they are not catering to real crafters and yarn people. They are just carrying basic things. I don't even think about getting yarn there. Luckily we have a new HUGE JoAnn store that I work in, and they have a HUGE yarn department. Sorry you don't have something better than Walmart.
  18. What a fun surprise for Joy!!! I'm glad she got our gifts and loves them too!!!! :clap
  19. Welcome to you from the Dallas/Fort Worth part of TEXAS!!!! :cowgirl
  20. The first blankets that I made years ago were one large granny square. I just kept going until I was done. I used varigated yarn for a baby and I had a nice gift when it was done. I put a scalloped edge around it in white. I does look better to turn your work over after each round so it will stay square and have no wrong side. This is a good way to practice your stitches.
  21. I think I must have a mental problem!! I made mine just like the video...but can't get it together right. Even with the video, I just can't get it to swirl and I keep ripping it out!!!
  22. It is from the french work escaigne. Pronounced skane. That is how I say it skayne. I can see how you could pronounce it the german way since the i is second, but the origin of the word is french.
  23. I find that a border can even out an afghan that seems a bit "off", not that I think yours is, but I think a black or purple or both color border would look really nice and finish it off very well. It might look more even to you as well. Great job!!
  24. Sure wish I could find something like that in Texas. I am home in the daytime and I am getting lonely sitting home all day with my "empty nest" since my daughter got married and moved out. I put an ad in Craig's list once, but not one call. Guess most people work in the day, and I work at night.
  25. Welcome to the Ville!!! There are a lot of talented people here!!! :cheer:cheer
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