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  1. When my crocheted dishtowels dry they are stiff and scratchy. I wouldn't want to have an entire towel made from the cotton yarn. I don't think it would be very absorbant and sure would be full of water for quite a while. I wouldn't want it against my skin for drying. Just a thought.
  2. If you like videos try this site www.nexstitch.com
  3. This is a good idea to have standards for the ghans donated. I belong to a granny square exchange on another site and we have specific guidelines. One thing that would be good is to have a Crochetville standard so that if you just wanted to make some squares to be ready, you could then have some on hand for the next ghan needed. Say, all the small squares would be 8 inch and large squares would be 12 inch then you will always know what to expect and can work ahead if you want to. I like to make squares when I am on a long car ride, so I would know what size I should make. Also, I use a sq
  4. Wow, that's the best pattern I have seen!! I had one from Lion Brand for chenille, but it was just regular going around the hanger. This pattern is pretty enough for gifts!!
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