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  1. The yahoo group we are using is thestitchinsisters. Check it out.
  2. Carrie I think it will just be me this time. So I hope some other people show up. LOL.
  3. That's great. Yeah next time should be more productive. LOL.
  4. Carrie it was great meeting you on Saturday. Looking forward to the next meet. Maybe we will get alittle more work done on our projects.
  5. Okay I know me, my mom, Loreta who crochets, pretty sure Becky who tried to learn to crochet, and Elandra who crochets, and maybe Michelle who doesn't do anything but maybe we can rope her in, my mother in law, and Sandy who knits. So I say for those I have told between 4-8. Maybe we'll have the whole place full. LOL.
  6. Saturday we can maybe discuss trying to get some local flier up for next time. I think I know some places I could ask to put them up. How is the ripple coming? I have about three projects currently going, now to decide which to bring... Most likely the daisy bag off of http://www.happyyellowhouse.com
  7. So have you had very many replies of people coming Saturday?
  8. Just friends, my mother is coming, she use to knit and crochet, now she does alot of cross stitch, and she loves your mom's tea house. One girl that we are going to ask to come crochets, but she has a hard time reading patterns, two that we have told about it, don't really do crafts, but I think they both would like to if they had more help, and they like your mom's, and my mother-in-law does cross stitch. Hey I fiqured the more we can find, the more your mom lets us use the shop, and the more the word spreeds.
  9. Carrie, I will be there with atleast 1 other, possible 3 more. (We are still checking on them)
  10. I'm good for either time, since my parents have agreed to watch Kendric. Pick a date, and I should be there unless something comes up. (That doesn't happen much)
  11. I can do weekends. And $5.50 sounds fine to me.
  12. Has anyone made these yet?!? I am confussied on the upper/toe joining. The pattern is in "Crochet Today" sept/oct 2007, on pages 85 and 86. Any help would be great. Amanda
  13. I am from Louisville... although I am almost in Oldham Co.
  14. Cara now you have everyone wondering what new little animal you are going to make. LOL
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