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  1. Honestly it took FOREVER Well when i started i made it wrong. I had a 5 pointed star... woops ... yea i was almost done w/ it when i realized how bad i messed up. So I had rip it all apart and start over. I was so mad... but i had to do it. After i started frogging it was like 2 1/2 weeks before i had it done.
  2. I just finished crocheting this the other night for my mom and dad's christmas present. Now i just need to weave in the ends I love the way it came out though
  3. how long did it take for you to get the pattern books. i havent gotten mine yet and i did the survey last night
  4. okay heres my list some things are already finished mom & dad: prairie star afghan (almost done) my sister: yo yo afghan (done) brother and sister in law: blue star afghan (done) dh's grandma: shawl (done) dh's sister: scarf and hat (done) there are more things i want to make for christmas i just haven't decided if i will have time or not yet
  5. If I had more money w/ me i would have bought more Plus I knew money was going to be tight for the next few weeks as I just started a new job and I'm going to have a small paycheck from my last job and its gonna take a bit to get a pay check from my new job ... so really shouldnt have bought anything:blush But how could I resist?
  6. Even for someone who lives in Binghamton its all Binghamton to me too I work in Vestal and even that is still Binghamton to me Yea I think Norwich is like an hr? and Cortland is only half an hr so probably better to just go there. I was shocked that they expanded the real deals in Cortland tho it used to be dinky and now its HUGE:cheer Nice to meet you too
  7. Right now syracuse is the closest one for me ... But they are building one here in Johnson City (like 5 miles from my house) I cant wait
  8. If you dont mind me asking wheres the real deals in chenango county? I live in Broome. In Binghamton to be more specific ... so cortland is like a half hr away.
  9. Well I went w/ my mom yesterday to a craft show in Syracuse thinking it would be boring but safe that I wouldn't spend any money. After the craft show we went to The Christmas Tree Shop. They had LB Suede for $1.29, which normally retails at $5.99 a skein I just had to buy some how could i say no? So then we go to this Good deals dollar store (or something like that) in Cortland. THEY HAD A WHOLE HALF OF AN ISLE OF YARN!!!!!!!!!:eek:eek:eek All for only a dollar!!! and it was a bunch of good brands. I have never seen that much yearn at a dollar store ... what was I supposed to do??? I bought 2 skeins of Moda Dea Sassy Stripes and 3 skiens of Moda Dea Cache So for my 13 skeins of yarn i spent 15.32! Can't beat that Oh and heres a pic
  10. I got some yarn today to make some socks. Any advice on a good pattern to use?
  11. That is beautiful I love the colors. I've made one of these it looks so beautiful in black and white
  12. Yes it is I made it in a size 2 as well. The joining was a pita.
  13. I made it for a 2 year old so I did the 2t size. They had differnt sizes on the site tho
  14. I just made this sweater and hat for my niece for her birthday. I posted pics on my blog. Heres a link to the post http://daniscrochet.blogspot.com/2007/08/birthday-present-for-my-niece.html
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