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  1. Ooooh.. that bamboo yarn looks lovely! thank you for the link! i'm sure to add it to my favorites! ~Marj :sheep
  2. each time i keep going to smiley's. besides the yarn connection (down the block from my job), the other stores in manhattan, IMHO, seemed to be very snooty when an inquiring customer comes in. Never go on a saturday because the stores are too crowded, yarn is stepped on and people are mean. if you can make it during the week, or during off peak times, the experience is probably a better one. I always get friendly service at smiley's, though. my only problem, they're closed on wednesday and sunday. just take the J train to woodhaven blvd (queens) and it's right downstairs ^_^ How are the yarn stores in brooklyn? I really want to start looking once the weather gets nicer :cloud9 ~Marj :sheep
  3. Ooooh, i haven't been in this forum for a while!! I'm in Briarwood, 4 blocks north of the LIRR. On Sundays, I crochet with my sis (she knits, i crochet) and we have a ball. Since i'm in school, i can probably do a once a month meetup. Another person here is in queens, too, not sure of others. ~Marj :sheep
  4. don't feel intimidated about this pattern. I saw the lengthy explanation and was worried at first, but i just took it slowly and made it through. i'm a novice crocheter too ^_^. there are only 4 stitches and the way they are written out sound more complicated than they really are. single crochet single crochet through back loop only double crochet front post stitch (this is just doing a stitch through one of the double crochet loops). i had to look it up, but it's fairly easy! Good luck and if you need any help, feel free to send me an email for questions ^_^
  5. thank you everyone! I think i want to make another (single strand this time) for myself. The pattern is really lovely and it's very fun to crochet because you can see immediate results! Front post stitch is incredibly easy once you get the hang of it! While reading through the instructions, i noticed that round 9 is the end of the decorated rows. Going to round 10 continues from that decoration and there is no way to fold it over to have it show (does that make sense?). So my suggestion is to make the decorated stitches first (rounds 1-7) and then make the single crochet (this is the 8 rounds that will go against your head). Besides that, i thought the pattern was perfect. I'll have to get used to closing up the hat at the top end. The yarn was really thick up there because it was such a closed space. Will work on my closing ^_^ ~Lady Wyntir :sheep
  6. Well... it's still snowing here... YAY for a noreaster BUT! That leaves time for a quick hat! My husband wanted a white hat to match the scarf i made for him last year. I didn't want to do homework this sunday... so i finally made the hat, hee hee http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v398/ladywyntir/DSCN0003.jpg and me modeling... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v398/ladywyntir/DSCN0008.jpg Pattern: (although i would like to email the poster to let him/her know that the brim part is backwards...) Mielkes Farm - Crocheted Rib Hat Pattern Yarn: Caron's Simply Soft 100% Acrylic Two strands to make it nice and thick! ~lady wyntir ^_^
  7. that's so cute! I can just picture him running around with his blankie and the turtle tucked warm underneath! how adorable. what a beautiful blanket :cloud9 ~Marj :sheep
  8. i have a previous issue that my aunt graciously handed down to me. I love the ideas i get from all the different patterns. i wanted to subscribe, but then i'd have to subscribe to ALL the pattern magazines :cloud9 ~Marj :sheep
  9. :danc The new lionbrand catalog came out! YAY! Beautiful new yarns and i can't wait to start buying... i mean... yeah. :bad Anyone else get the catalog in the mail? ~Marj :sheep
  10. YAY! Good for her! now, you should have her sign up for crochetville so she can show off her projects! ^_^ ~Marj :w-grin
  11. glad you like the photos ladies!! come on over, rebecca... you can stay at my place for a little while. hee hee hee I'd love to travel around the country, it would be so cool! I'll let you know when i visit texas! ^_________^ and rebecca, i'm sure that you'll make the loveliest bridal wear out there. Go for it. Michael's and i'm sure other craft stores allways sell the basic teddy bear and other stuffed animals. You can put out your own clothing line.
  12. My DH and I were walking around NYC last night and in a LARGE window there was a Teddy Bear with the cutest pink crocheted poncho with fringe! Would you believe we passed by a Build-A-Bear workshop and it was a hip little bear with a poncho!! I almost died! Very cute! :)h I hope this comes out! Pink Poncho ~Marj
  13. my husband's vegan and we only use acrylic yarns. Sometimes blends (nylon and polyester) but mostly acrylic. If someone requests wool, however, i will purchase it to make it for them. Haven't tried cotton yet, but it's SO Expensive! Reynold's has a wonderful 100% acrylic yarn that is SO SOFT! Once you wash it, it's like a cloud! However it's expensive, too ($4.50 a skein!). I'm making a poncho now with the SuperSaver :)h and it's fun because i'm not afraid of running out! I think acrylic is wonderful! It's sturdy and i agree with a few washings it will get very soft. ~Marj :cloud9
  14. i hope they are not trying to set a standard. something similar happened in the pc support industy (i'm a techie girl, i know :computer ). Certifications just made it harder for those without to get jobs. But, since there are so few teachers to begin with (especially when it comes to crafts), i don't forsee it as a problem! I think if you were meant to teach, you'll teach ^_^ ~Marj !
  15. i learned from my aunt. she has two boys, but they were too young to teach. so, she pulled my sister and i aside and taught us how to do it. i don't remember learning it, but i remember her giving us hooks and yarn. my mom also crochets but not so often. very interesting.. hee hee ~Marj :*cbulb
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