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  1. Thank you! It is a very pretty shawl.
  2. Amelia, this is so cute. I had, for this past Christmas, made several of your blocks for my grandson's afghan I made him. One was the turtle. Thank you for sharing your great patterns.
  3. Very, very cute!
  4. I removed the 3 flowers I had on there added 2 more and a butterfly. What do you think? I think I like it better than the other way.
  5. Emmy

    My last afghan for now!

    Thank you everyone. I am going to remove the flowers and add 2 more and arrange them all in the center with a butterfly. So I will have an up-dated version later. Ladies, I didn't say this was my last! just my last for now. These that I have posted lately are Christmas gifts. OH No I have plans for more!! LOL
  6. This is for my granddaughter. Thanks for looking!
  7. Thank you so much every one. They were so fun to do. I just posted the last one for a granddaughter in a separate post. I just finished it. I enjoyed doing these but glad they are done!!!
  8. I made these just recently for my kids and grandkids for Christmas this year. Except the star one I made for a new grand niece. Thanks for looking.
  9. Emmy

    Animal afghan

    Thank you so much for such kind comments.
  10. Emmy

    Animal afghan

    Thank you Ladies so much!
  11. Emmy

    Animal afghan

    Thank you so much.
  12. Emmy

    Animal afghan

    Thank you Ladies. I appreciate your comments!
  13. Emmy

    Animal afghan

    Thank you ladies!
  14. Emmy

    Animal afghan

    I just finished making my grandson's afghan for Christmas. These are animal granny squares you can find on line by typing into google "animal granny squares". Some of them are by ChampyGirl from here on crochetville, the others are from different places. The edging is called "elephants on parade" which also is a free pattern. I had to put up two pictures to show the top and bottom. Thank you ChampyGirl and others for sharing your patterns! God bless.
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