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  1. Thank you! It is a very pretty shawl.
  2. Amelia, this is so cute. I had, for this past Christmas, made several of your blocks for my grandson's afghan I made him. One was the turtle. Thank you for sharing your great patterns.
  3. I removed the 3 flowers I had on there added 2 more and a butterfly. What do you think? I think I like it better than the other way.
  4. Thank you everyone. I am going to remove the flowers and add 2 more and arrange them all in the center with a butterfly. So I will have an up-dated version later. Ladies, I didn't say this was my last! just my last for now. These that I have posted lately are Christmas gifts. OH No I have plans for more!! LOL
  5. This is for my granddaughter. Thanks for looking!
  6. Thank you so much every one. They were so fun to do. I just posted the last one for a granddaughter in a separate post. I just finished it. I enjoyed doing these but glad they are done!!!
  7. I made these just recently for my kids and grandkids for Christmas this year. Except the star one I made for a new grand niece. Thanks for looking.
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