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    I'm 21, a psychology student and enjoying school and life!
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    I like crocheting, spending time with friends and family, trying new things, singing, reading
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    Scarves, blankets, purses, dishrags
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    Quite awhile!
  1. I want to make a vest from the Crochet Today! November/December 2010 issue in a children's size. It is called Blue Waves Vest. Does anyone have a copy of the magazine and would be able to help me figure out how to make it in a child size? I am not very good at that type of thing! I am making one for myself and my cousin's daughter really liked it and wants one so I would really appreciate any help! Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! I've been attempting to make the Ripple Baby Blanket that I found on the Michaels website for my best friends baby. I've had trouble figuring it out though. I think something has been written incorrectly within the pattern because I went over and over it and even figured out the math based on the number of sc stitches in the first row and the numbers of puff stitches and dc2togs repeating throughout the row. By row 4 you can see that it is not correct and it appears that other people had the same problem. I found a thread where someone was having problems with the same pattern but no one ever posted what they did to fix it, just gave her other patterns because she was a beginner. I would really like to be able to do this pattern for him but if I can't figure it out soon I'm going to have to find something else! Thanks everyone!
  3. I also had trouble with the pattern on Michaels and I'm hoping that somebody who got past row four could maybe help me out? I tried many different things but I'm not experienced enough in making patterns and what not to figure out what in the world to do! I'm not really a beginner and the stitches should be simple enough but I think something is wrong with the math, because I did it over and over again, did the math on the numbers of stitches and it never turned out right!
  4. I'm making an afghan out of red heart designer sport and it seems to be really nice. It's soft and light and a nice texture. They make some really cute colors too!
  5. So cute! I especially love the 3rd one! The colors are very pretty!
  6. Red Heart Super Saver is a no dye lot yarn, so you shouldn't have to worry about it!!!
  7. I love the coasters (which will make great and inexpensive Valentines day gifts for friends) and the woodsy wrap. the color is so pretty and its a versatile piece. They made it look like a sweater in one of the pictures and paired it with a belt! Lots of nice wearables in this issue!! What is everyone else making from the Jan/Feb issue?
  8. I'm on facebook! I just joined the Crochetville group! I've been on for about 4 years and never thought to look! Facebook is very very popular in college now..its like a social networking thing too...you have to be sure to check your event invites frequently!!
  9. Welcome from Montana! I have lots of family in Vegas
  10. I'm making an afghan using my favorite shell pattern. If you chain in multiples of 3 and then add one chain to the end, then skip the first 3 chains (counts as 1st dc) and dc, ch 2, sc in the next chain, *skip 2 chains, then 2dc, ch 2, sc and repeat from * all the way to the end. It works up quickly and you can make it any size you want to! I use this pattern mainly for dishrags actually because it makes a nice shell pattern that scrubs really well!! Hope it helps! ~Christina
  11. Well if it costs you about 25 cents to make each one, then you need to decide how much you want to make for your time. if it takes you 20 minutes, I'd say more than a dollar is perfectly fair. Considering the price of sponges....you could charge $2 or 2 for $3 and you'd be fine. Plus, these work really well!!
  12. Thanks Wiz! Those are pretty cool...I might make one for my cousin! She also plays tennis and her birthday is in May...just when she'll get to start playing in tournaments again!!
  13. I was thinking about that, but I know that she just got a new Racket and it came with pockets for balls and a racket cover thingy that she showed me. I was thinking about something that includes balls or rackets, like a scarf or purse or some sort of bag...tote or something? I don't know if I'm being specific enough! I would appreciate help though!!
  14. The idea of giving them Virginia Tech afghans is good....even after you graduate you still have to root for your school! Also, if you could, I would try to call your nephew and ask what her favorite colors are or what sorts of colors they have used in their apartment/house. I've found that for my friends who are getting married, many are using brown, which could be paired with a color that she likes. Brown and a robins egg blue sort of color are very popular together in stores and everywhere! That's so nice of you to make afghans for everybody! That's a huge job and I don't know how you got so many done! Good luck getting finished with everything before Christmas!
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