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  1. Thanks for the comments...I am addicted to this pattern! I have made a total of 8 backpacks so far. Two more to go. Here is a picture of one for my niece...she picked out the colors, which are a lot more muted than the one's for my grand-daughters, but it turned out good!
  2. Excited to finish two Christmas presents for my grand-daughters. Used the Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick Backpack and embellished it with a flower from myfavouritethingsblog.com (Vibrant Summer Headbad & Flower). I love how they turned out. I used Hometown USA yarn and added 15 rows to the original pattern. Feeling good to have Christmas well under way! They turned out so well, I think I will make them for everyone else on my list...8 more to go.
  3. Thanks for the advice...I think it is still long enough for wearing crossbody (it was REALLY long before). I posted a picture of the finished product in the Show and Tell under DANCE Duffel Bag.
  4. Finished my grand-daughter's birthday present. She requested a duffel bag to use for dance. I used the pattern http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/crafts/yarn/crochet/free-crochet-patterns/crochet-duffel-purse-pattern/ as the base for the bag, but modified it to be bigger. I am not good with zippers, so I used a heart shaped flap. I am excited to see her reaction to it when she gets it. I used the letter pattern from http://www.mooglyblog.com/the-moogly-crochet-alphabet/ It is so great to have so many free patterns and resources available, especially when making something that does not have an exact pattern!
  5. Hi,I have been a member for a long time but never introduced myself on this forum. I am having Christmas crochet anxiety, and I needed to tell someone who would understand....thinking this is probably the place. Why is it that I can't find one cool thing to make for each of my 4 grand daughters and 2 nieces....instead, I keep finding things I like and adding them to the list of things to make before Christmas. I am up to 3 - 4 pieces per girl (hats and bags mainly), right now and I am thinking crochet 24 hours a day, and I still have 4 months until Christmas...yikes! I haven't even thought about my 2 nephews...probably will whip up a hat the day before (they always get the short end of the crochet stick ... or should I say hook). Thanks for listening.
  6. I used the basic pattern from http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Crochet-Duffel-Purse.pdf, just made the bag a little bigger. I skipped the zipper, and replaced it with a clip attached to a heart shape. I am now working on adding the word DANCE....I will post a picture when I am finished. By the way, I love the purse pattern and am planning on making it, without modification, for a Christmas present. Lori
  7. Thanks for the feedback....I could barely concentrate until I had this fixed. In the end, I decided to cut the strap and take my chances at finding all the weaved in ends. I got lucky, and the strap has been shortened and reattached.
  8. My duffel bag turned out great, but I think that I made the strap too long. Of course, I already attached it and weaved in the ends. I am afraid to go digging around to find the ends, in an attempt to remove the strap...any other ideas. I was thinking of making a "shoulder pad" by overlapping the strap at the top where it would sit on your shoulder. I would appreciate any other ideas. I made this for my grand daughter and want to send it to her next week. The strap is approximately 2 inches wide. If I leave it as is, the bag would land just at or below her hip, I am guessing. Thanks, Lori
  9. Thanks for the information and inspiration...
  10. I am looking for a crochet pattern for a duffel bag that my grand daughters can use to carry their dance clothes/shoes in. They want the normal, duffel style that is barrel in shape. It can be felted or not. Thanks for the help in finding a pattern!
  11. I am making a skirt for my grand-daughters for Christmas. It has an elastic waist, but I am not sure what length to cut the elastic. One grand-daughter has a waist measurement of 27 inches, the other has a waist measurement of 21 inches. I plan to use 1 inch overlap to sew the elastic together. Any help is greatly appreciated, as this is for Christmas and I won't be able to do any testing on them. Also, wondering if it matters what kind of elastic to use? I was planning to buy "knit, non-roll". Thanks so much!
  12. My hands get cramped after long periods of doing crochet projects, especially amigurumi designs. Do the stress relieving gloves really work? Thanks for your help!
  13. Just got my kindle and loaded it up with patterns. I think it is going to work out great for me! Thanks for all the helpful feedback!
  14. Thanks for all the comments. I made the purchase and can't wait to get my Kindle.
  15. Thanks for the help, everyone...I can't wait to get my Kindle and get rid of all my paper.
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