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  1. Have you tried the lighted crochet hooks? By doing a Google search? They have lites built-in and then when the electricity goes out in the winter in the country , your prepared to continue crocheting in the dark.can't think of the brand name right now and my hook is at my desk at work. Google it!
  2. I agree, the Cabana is a great website for granny squares!! That is the best way to make the traditional granny square, making one round, then joining it and turning it to make the next round and so on. The other patterns that show you to slip stitch to the next space after joining, always confused me. I guess if you want to always have one side to be the right side, or front side, that is when you might decide to use the join and slip stitch to next space....
  3. Hmmn, what is a scarf sweater?? Sounds neat. I would rather be using my crochet hooks, but instead I am trying to get the hang of using double pointed knitting needles, and I am making knitted fingerless gloves with the self striping yarn. I love crocheting better than knitting, but right now I am into the self striping yarn and I prefer using knitting needles with that type of yarn so the stripes show up better. It just takes so darn long to knit anything! Oh, I did make a butterfly scarf yesterday with my crochet hook, during a break from the knitting.
  4. The Crochet Pattern a Day calender publisher is asking for submissions. Please check out the website and consider sending your pattern or patterns in!! They almost did away with the crochet pattern a day calender recently because of a "lack of interest" so please let them know, we are interested!!! Go to the website, www.knittingpatternaday.com or email to submissions@knittingpatternaday. They are accepting both knitting and crochet patterns...good luck!!!! And....buy the calender too!! so they will keep the crochet patterns coming!! We are already so out-numbered with all the knitting patterns out there, spread the love of crochet!!!
  5. Congrats!! I need to get my calender too!!! I noticed they are taking submissions for the 2012 calender also. If anyone is interested just go to the website, www.knittingpatternaday.com or send/email your orignial pattern (with a picture, and they have special requirements for that) to submissions@knittingpatternaday. They are accepting knitting and crochet patterns!! Keep those crochet patterns coming!!!!
  6. oh yeah... Felting, no way, how can you put all that work, effort, and time, into something that turns into ..... Felt????
  7. I like to pronounce "skein" like "scene" not like "pine"!! I hate knots that are already in my yarn skein!! I don't like to skip stitches on the end, depending on how many I chain up! I try it both ways,then do the one that looks best, then keep doing that!! I tie knots. Blocking sucks. Gauge.....just can't get into it. I hate it that there are more knitting pattern books in the book stores than there are crochet pattern books! And I hate it that when I am crocheting, strangers will always ask me what I an knitting!! I like to knit, but crochet is my favorite, so I hate the popularity of knitting, when crocheting is just as cool!!! Thanks for letting me vent, who knew!!
  8. Welcome. You are in a wonderful place!! Lots of cool patterns to be found here, and lots of great people to enjoy crochet with too!!
  9. Welcome!! This is a great place for crocheters for sure!! I always come to crochetville when I have a question about crochet, and everyone is great to give you the answer you need too. Maybe you could ask for ideas on what pattern books are good for someone just learning to follow patterns. I have found the pattern books written for kids to learn to crochet are really good. Some have the instructions written without abbreviations. And, it is good just to study the patterns for awhile before you begin a project. Have the meanings of the abbreviations near by, and try reading them outloud. Look for the patterns that aren't very long, like only a few rows, then repeating the same rows, or just a short pattern is good too. Always look for beginner skill level. Sometimes the Easy skill level, does require more knowledge than you would think needed. I love to find the "pattern within the pattern" myself. And I have been crocheting for over 10 years now, and still find myself misreading a pattern. Just keep working on it, then you will get the "aha" moment and it all works out. Crochet is so forgiving, cuz it is easy to ripit out and start over again!! Welcome and enjoy!!
  10. I have to admit, I like the idea!! It would be an extra sensory perception for sure, (no pun intended). And it would be nice for a face cloth. But not good for people with allergies...otherwise, it sounds interesting and something different.
  11. Thanks yall for all the great color combination ideas. That is what is so fun about this pattern, mixing up the colors!! Thanks for helping me out of my "color block" and for awakening me again in color!!!!!
  12. Cute!! I love Hello Kitty, is this your own pattern, or from a book??Great Work!!
  13. VERY CREATIVE!! I love it too!! What a great combination of colors and granny squares with regular stitches!! VERY COOL!!!
  14. Thanks Miss Crochet!! You don't even know how much this helps me to get motivated to pick out these color combinations! I was totally at a stand still! I am going to have to study your blog long and hard too!! I love the way you have a nack for color combinations, beautiful!! And I really want to made up some of these socks!!
  15. Hey, Just asking for some help here. What do you think the most popular color combinations are today? I need to make ups some sets of yarn kits for the Kittens In A Row afghan pattern for a class I am teaching. Just wondering what colors are good together, I need some kits with about 3 or 4 color combinations together. Any thoughts?? I would appreciate your ideas. I really need them as soon as possible, before Hobby Lobby closes for the day!! I know that pink, black, and white are popular now, but what else is good to look at together??
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