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  1. beautiful! What kind of yarn did you use?
  2. Those are beautiful! Did you use a pattern or wing it? If you used a pattern i would love to know which one and if you winged it will you be writing the pattern up? What yarn did you use?
  3. Great blanket:clap What is ILTY?
  4. Beautiful! What stitch did you use for the frilly part on the skirt?
  5. Does anyone know how to crochet a drawstring waistband?
  6. Love it! I am always on the lookout for pretty patterns for girls.:droolI was looking at it and my dd (6)looks over my shoulder and said that's pretty can you make me one? You said it was based on christina's earth and sky skort,do you mind sharing your modifications cause we are hooked(no pun intended)
  7. Oh btw i am going to be using your pattern Aggie May thanks!
  8. Thanks everyone for your responses! [quote name= Anyway....I have made RR in both Caron SS and Bernat Softee Chunky. I do agree that the Chunky would use more yarn' date=' but it would also be quicker. I believe I used an I hook with my Bernat one (I use an H with the Caron). My bernat one lays pretty flat, but not completely, I maybe should have used one size bigger hook, but I tend to crochet tight. Both yarns work up nicely and they're both super soft. Here are pictures of a couple of my RRs, but keep in mind, mine only measure about 36-40 inches...Hope this helps and hope to see your finished project! Bernat Softee Chunky: Other Misc. Ripples, all in Caron SS: I actually saw the rainbow colored one and was thinking about making her one like that. How many skeins did it take to finish the 36-40' one in caron and the one in bernat? I made her some overalls from caron ss and it is very soft but she hasn't been able to wear them cause when i washed it they got a bit bigger even tough i washed them on the gentle cycle. I like caron but is it durable for a 6 yo? And will it stand up in the wash?
  9. I am going to make a rr for my dd birthday on the 24.I would like to make it a really warm blanket so when she is watching tv she can cuddle under it. I have two different yarns bernat softee chunky and red heart super saver. For those of you who have made a rr and those of you who have used these two types of yarn which would make the best blanket and which crochet's up te fastest. I would like to make a 60' rr.
  10. Beautiful! Please write the pattern asap i would love to buy it.My dd would love it!
  11. Beautiful! Did you use a pattern? Did you use yarn or crochet thread?
  12. Gorgeous! Great for a spring day. I would love to have the pattern if you don't mind sharing.
  13. jgarvin6

    Skirt help

    I am trying to crochet a skirt and it was coming along fine until the 15 row where it says: Round 15: Sl st 2 sps into space between 3dc, then ch 3, tr in the center stitch of the 3dc from row 14, dc in that space. *In the next space between 3dc, dc, tr in the center stitch of the 3dc from the previous row, dc. Repeat from * around, sl st tog. I can't seem to figure it out somebody please help!
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