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    I'm 22, married for 3 years Oct.'08, and love animals.
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    Sewing, Crochet, Knitting, Making Dolls
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    Office Managager
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    Stuffed animals
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    Since 2005
  1. thanks everyone! and thank you Threecats!
  2. And you replied with a turtle! AWesome! Thanks so much!
  3. Eliea

    Baby Seal

    it's so cute and fat! Adroable!
  4. Eliea

    Seraphin the Dragon

    I am in awe of the detail you've put into her! She's amazing!
  5. I've finally got a cute little ami horse pattern as well as ami alpaca in my etsy and ravelry shops. I designed the pattern to make a small finished product easy to work up in large batches for craft fairs. also my patterns are all on sale for this month only, so check it out! It's my birthday and I like to give others presents. I cannot seem to figure this picture thing out so I've just attached the photo's and am hoping for the best. I've been playing with it far to long and meed to go mop my floor.
  6. What a cute baby! And he looks very comfortable in his new sweater. Very stylish.
  7. Eliea

    first toy ever made

    very nice! I couldn't even tell you had trouble attaching the parts. I always have trouble with the last leg. For some reason it's just so fiddly! lol But it does get easier the more you do it and you learn what's easier for you to do. Great job!
  8. Very cute and a great touch! Would look great with some little goldfish ami's too.
  9. Eliea

    Tiny Ami Horse

    I was debating making a few with horns. I still have a tiny bit of silver embriodery floss saved so I could use that!
  10. Eliea

    Tiny Ami Horse

    So this is my newest design. He's cousin to my alpaca (in pattern) and will also be part of my mini ami's sold at the craft show I'm prepping for. I really like the look of his mane and tail. I love that shiny yarn. I think it sort of gives him a magical look. I'd love some feedback good bad or otherwise. Keep in mind that he is meant to be simple and able to be whipped up quickly.
  11. He's adorable! I love the color you picked!
  12. Eliea

    Amazon Parrot

    Wow the detail is amazing! And now your son can cuddle him. More birds need cuddles. Great job!
  13. Eliea

    Tiny Ami Alpaca

    Here's a llama theres a llama llama llama llama duck! lol Thanks everyone!
  14. Eliea

    Tiny Ami Alpaca

    I'm going to be doing my first show. It's for the local middle schools PTA but I"m still very excited. I decided to try to make some smaller less detailed ami's than I normally make and this is my first design. I'm really pleased since I haven't seen one of these before. Click to see bigger! He's fairly easy and while the eyes aren't accurate he's my test version so I like him. I'd love to hear what you guys think!
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