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  1. Looks great lisa adds a little flare to it! I'm finally done with the 3rd one i've been dabbling here and there and decided i needed to finish before i start some pound puppies for the kids . This ones my hubby wanted to put on the back seat of the van. Idk why but hey it gave me an excuse to make one for us:D. It measures 51' from point to point. I did it in ww and light weight for the varigated part. I like how the different weights looked together on this one i was wondering if it would work out but i like it . Keep them coming ladies i love everyones color choices so far they are all beau
  2. Your round ripples are very pretty love the colors on them !. nns, i like the smaller points they look great on it.
  3. Try this post of chromekitty's she posted corrections to a rr pattern also has a link to the original pattern. I had the best luck with this one with her corrections.
  4. Love your colors stormy. Can't get anymore bright and cheerful than that. I really need to finish my rr . My daughter has her preschool graduation thursday and i want to make her a bear or doll with a graduation cap. So it will have to wait and i'm almost done with the rr too.although i takes about an hr a round now.
  5. Just stopped in to check on everyones rr.I love them all. Everyone picked out such wonderful colors. I can't chose a favorite color combo theres so many. I've been slacking on mine every since my trip to see mom i havent worked on it much i guess i'm still letting it bug me a lil.. I'm testing a pattern right now then i will finish it. I think ill try the granny's ripple next its kinda a rr? lol I borrowed the blue ribbon afghans book from the library and its in it. Great job everyone .
  6. Finally finished my youngest sons spiderman round ripple . it's 53 inches from point to point. Wow that last row took awhile lol. now i know why they call the reverse sc the crabby stitch boy was i crabby doing it . . sueb0154 Wow yours is huge . And i thought my last row took forever lol.Looks great! sprtsbear , welcome to the cal. I'm sure quite a few of us will be here for a long time. It's never too late to join in glad to have you. Tommarro i'll continue on the other one i've been working on. I'm on row 17 with it. I have quite a few of these to do still. Can't wait to see more
  7. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=29245&highlight=round+ripple here is the link to chrome kitty's corrections to that pattern .
  8. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=29245&highlight=round+ripple try these corrections/suggestions with this http://www.sewonfire.com/round_ripple_afghan.htm pattern . It gave me no problems and lays flat all on its own.
  9. Beautiful rr shaylen . It's so bright and Sunny:cheer
  10. oo i love the color combo dreams. i've been slack on posting mine we just got a new cpu finally and this whole vista took me a bit to figure out lol. anyways, hubby finally gave up the cpu so i thought id add the pic of my progress on my sons spiderman rr. I have 3 more rounds done than shown on the pic now. so i have 5 more rounds left and the webbing. then i'll resume work on the other one i already started. I can't see enough pictures of everyones beautiful round ripples.
  11. Looks great sue. Love the colors dreams. I worked on my spiderman rr otw to my mothers house for a visit. So i got a little more done on it. I'm on the last round of red on it . I also gave mom her rr she loves it.Apparently that's the only thing i do right.ugh. back to crochet tho. I now have to make both my nieces one lol. So i'm working on two atm. plus oh 5 more to do.. lol . So i guess i'll be in this cal for quite awhile. I'm really enjoying seeing everyones beautiful work and color choices. I haven't seen one i haven't loved yet . I'll try to post a pic of my progress tommarro.
  12. Here is my progress on my 3rd rr. I had to set the spiderman one aside untill i get more red yarn.. I picked up the wrong color when i got my supplies for it. This one i tried light weight with ww. I didn't know how that would work but, I'm really liking it. Everyones looks great. Love the huge ones. This one hubby wants to go in the van. I'm loving the rr's .
  13. Everyones looks great. I'm on a stand still on mine . I had to start a new skiend of red and it wasn't the same color..doh guess someone didn't read the label when she got her yarn . I have to go to the store this evening so i'll get more red then and take the label with me and triple check before i leave the yarn department..I'm awful tempted to start another one until i can get to the store.. lol. Here's what it looks like so far.
  14. frogging is when you take the stitches back out because you don't like how it looks or the pattern.and many other reasons. Looks great southern love the colors.
  15. Love2crochet, Looks great. I'll be getting back to work on mine today took a little break to test a few things. I will be taking the first one i made to my mom this weekend . I just can't wait till mothers day. . I haven't been able to go see her in awhile as the van we had just wasn't trip worthy. We just got a new (to us) van over the weekend. That's what hubbys trip was for. It's just a 95 but hey it works great for us it's full size with a tv and earphones in it for the kids to watch so we can ride in peace and quiet and they aren't so bored. Sorry i'm excited to get the van as our last
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