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    Mikki (Dawn is first name but no one calls me that ) Spencer
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    Mother of 3 . Stepmother of 1.
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    Stay at home mom of 3 stepmom of 1.
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    baby items, amigurumi, want to try new things.
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  1. oo i love it tea roses are my favorite flower. Beautiful job as always.
  2. Love the colors on this one !Beautiful as usual.
  3. Welcome from a fellow Kentuckian.
  4. I voted mythical creatures. I'd love to see a Pegasus (idk if thats a possibility)
  5. Another winner . Great Job as always. I look forward to you posting them every month as well as your tables.I'm working on my bag it wont have the graph tho.
  6. I would love to participate. I lost my grandpa to cancer 6 yrs ago. And my mom is a breast cancer survivor. I'll pm you will my addy in case you allow me to join you all in this worthy cause.
  7. Great Job ! i bought the kit awhile back and still havent gotten around to making it. I have a few more projects i want to finish first then i may work on this again. Your post made me remember i sat it back for awhile.
  8. Hello and welcome to crochetville from Ky. Wow egypt i bet its beautiful there.
  9. Hello and welcome to crochetville from Ky. I have family close to kirksville. I think a few of them are actually in kirksville and some surrounding it.
  10. Wow. I love it . i've never seen anything like it either.
  11. Welcome to Crochetville from KY.
  12. Chapeaus is also in favorite throws and table toppers to crochet book. The book isnt a bad price. Hope this helps
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